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you will have a royal companion if you find your passion

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Some people have no idea what they are passionate about

One friend said: “I am very fortunate to have always been passionate about engineering.”


“Wow, you are so lucky.” 

as far as I've noticed not many people are doing what they love.


Employees are very unwilling to answer business phone calls or return emails though they have enough time surfing the internet or texting to friends; managers are impatient sometimes: “Sorry, that’s not my business, tell them I am not available; don’t waste my precious time.”


People are queuing hours for lottery tickets. I asked colleagues: “If you win enough money for living, what will you do?” “Probably quit the job, do something else.”


You see, not everyone enjoys doing what they love.


There are quite a lot of people even don’t know what they are passionate about.


One girl told me: “My job is all right, I can’t tell how much I love it; I just work, earn money and go home.” 

She’s pretty happy for having a job compared to someone who can’t find a full-time position.


I felt stuck in the workplace 

That was exactly like me a couple of years ago, after working 5 years in one company, I didn’t feel making improvemen, I felt stuck.


I was always tried to find another job in a different company because sometimes I couldn’t stand being bored for doing the same thing day in and day out and hear the same topics from colleagues.


I applied for a few positions, but none of them seemed suitable for me the most compared to the current job.


The current one is flexible, I can take holidays whenever I like, colleagues are nice, the boss is responsible, I can arrange my own time, and nobody complains my work. The only thing I feel bored when I’ve got nothing to do sometimes as I am so familiar with what I am doing, I don’t feel I am learning new things.


I didn’t feel any excitement; I couldn’t find the feeling of alive compared to the Uni life I was so energetic with the high expectation of the future.

Probably that's life, it’s very unrealistic to gain the best feeling I have ever had, and student life was over, please forget about it.


I was not completely satisfied, there must be something wrong with me, I felt lost.


Then I tried to discover what I really love to do because I had no idea, I didn’t know myself at all.

I found my strengths, talents and the highest value 

I did strengths finder test by Tom Rath, I was surprised that I have a talent in planner which means it can bring efficient ways around obstacles in order to reach a goal.


And I have strengths in concepts and ideas, I am a hard worker, I am a responsible positive person, I like learning new things, I am a thinker.


After discovering these talents and strengths, I gained much more self-confidence as I used to think I was useless, I could do nothing, everyone else was better than me.


After knowing my strengths, I no longer believe I was that stupid as previously I only focused on my weaknesses, I never tried to concentrate on my strengths. Now it makes me think in a different way, I am special, everyone has talents.

Then I continued my discovery, I did how to fascinate personality test by Sally Hogshead, the result was amazing: I am a catalyst which means out of the box, social, energizing, enthusiastic, creative. My highest value was: innovation and passion.


Really? I was very excited as I couldn’t believe that I had so many advantages.


To be honest, without knowing my strengths and advantages, I wouldn’t have enough courage to open up Wechat subscription account: Englishpassion.

I was not a good student for writing

Because I was not a good student for writing, I hated it very much: “No, no, it’s not for me.” I couldn't write down one sentence before 12:00 am as I wrote in the previous article when I was studying in the language center.


In China, I was so stressed about writing, I have never had self-confidence for writing things, I was not good enough, I was not supposed to be a writer, it’s 100% impossible as I didn't have a good memory to recite exactly the same words from the textbooks as a teacher requested.

Therefore, I stuck on Chinese and English subjects, I was totally a dumb student that’s what I 've been told, I have never thought about to write one article, even I was afraid of thinking about it as I had no talent on it at all.

Do what make your heart singing 

When I read books written by Barbara Sher, I was impressed by what she said: do what you like, it doesn't mean you have to be good at it or you are an expert, as long as you like it, which makes your heart singing, then do it. That’s your talent.


I felt like tell people about my wonderful Uni life, then I guessed I might only write 5 articles, after that I’ve got nothing to write.


But I was so anxious to tell about my stories, I couldn't find someone to tell in real life, either they were too busy, or they were not interested in at all. 

Sometimes when I wrote or texted to a few friends, they have never replied to me, which disappointed me a lot.


One day, I couldn't control my feeling of writing, so I paid a small amount of money and created an account at DIO English, that’s how I started the first blog.

You won't feel bored if you find your passion 

After that, my life has been changed dramatically. I have never felt bored in the company because if I finish work earlier, I can write articles. Everyday times goes so fast. Since then, I have never thought about quit the job, because I have found my passion: writing.


So far I have written more than 60 articles which are out of my imagination; I have never ever believed I could write so many articles, which is unbelievable, but I made it.


Everyone, if you are not happy about your job, probably you should know what you love first, if you don’t know, no matter how many job you’ve changed, you won’t feel completely satisfied.


Because only if you are using all your strengths and talents, do what you love, then you can reach your potential, and you will find life is fascinating.


Not everyone is lucky enough to find a job which can realize their potential, but you can do it in your free time.


Anything, don’t be afraid of doing it, you are not supposed to be very good at it to start with, as long as when you do it, you loses track of time, you even wouldn’t like to go to bed after 12:00 AM.


When you do with your passion, you will never feel bored, even you are alone on public holidays or weekends while anyone else is with families. Because you are doing what you love, it is your best companion.


Please let me know if one day you find your passion or you already have one, I am very curious about that.

please join my wechat subscription : Englishpassion if you enjoy my article

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