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you use LV bags, you are still ugly

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My girl-friend Lisa has just quit the job.


Her Chinese colleagues were shocked: “Have you found another one?” “Not really.” “Wow, aren’t you crazy? You must be rich.”


“No, I love the job very much, but I can’t deal with those narrow-mind people anymore, they are so mean,” Lisa complained.


“I prefer work and then go home, I don’t like to get involved in gossip.” Lisa told me: “I am very sick of girls talking about luxury designer handbags and shoes as if that’s the only goal of their life—to show off how rich they are.”


I know Lisa herself has quite a lot of nice handbags and wallets, eg, LV and Dior, but she seldom uses it because she doesn’t like colleagues consider her as a rich girl.


“Could you please take into consideration and let me know you leave or stay?” A manager advised Lisa.


“Yes, I must go, I do enjoy what I am doing at the moment, I don’t mind doing extra work, but I don’t feel happy as there’s no fairness in the company.”


“I have never been assigned to work on weekends or public holidays (1.5 or 2 times penalty rates applied) and I haven’t had a chance for an on-the- job training,” Lisa told the manager honestly.


“All those girls did, who has a close relationship with the manager, they check the internet, do online shopping, they don’t really care about work, but they know how to flatter managers.”


“They treat managers and Aussie Customers as a god, but they regard new staff and Chinese clients as shit.” Lisa got very upset about the working environment. In the end, she left the company with no doubt.

“I did the same thing,” I told Lisa.


When I just started a part time accounting job in an Aussie run company, there’s a Hong Kong girl in our finance department.


The first day I worked with her at the same office, she neither smiled nor looked at me.


In the morning, when I put my coat on a chair which was for common use, the Hong Kong girl was unhappy because her coat was there, so she requested me to take my coat away.


Our new Aussie accounts manager told me he’s unhappy working with the Hong Kong girl because the girl asked other ladies do not listen to him, everyone should follow her as she has been working there two more years than the new manager.


Who would like listen to her? Does she understand co-operation? She doesn’t have the quality to be a leader, moreover, she doesn’t know how to respect and treat people equally.


Whenever I made a little bit mistake, she’s got really grumpy as if she’s the real boss, however, when other Aussies did the wrong thing, she smiled at them to show her kindness. What a lovely girl!!!


I don’t think that’s the environment for me to grow, it was horrible, so after a couple of months, I said goodbye to the company.

After that, I found another accounts job in an Aussie-run company, there’s one Aussie lady who was as mean as the Hong Kong one.

She discriminated Chinese, she enjoyed criticizing people and she had arguments with site managers and clients.


I was thinking of resigning the job, but then I told myself: “Calm down, calm down, I am here for learning new things; it’s not worth to put my attention on a nasty one.”


Surprisingly, in the end, she lost the job before anyone else, because she didn’t do proper work except monitor others and gossip, the company no longer needed her.


Later on, I’ve heard stories from colleagues; actually, everyone hated her and felt excited after the nasty bitch left.


Therefore, if you are not into your workplace, as long as you learn new things, then you may stay, things might get better.


Otherwise, if you don’t have the burden to pay bills or mortgage, if you are still young, why worry so much, there’s always a better place which fits you the most.


Only if you experience life, make the comparison, then you grow, you know what the best choice for you.


You can’t live your life to the fullest if you don’t enjoy what you are doing.

As I mentioned my company was shut down last year, and I am currently doing a casual accounting job.


The first day after I finished work, the boss asked me with smiling face: “How do you like it?” “Yeah, it’s great, Angelina is very nice.”

“Yes, she is.”


In the morning, Angelina prepared a notebook for me, she let me sit in front of her computer, and she had to use others by moving from here to there.


I adjusted the seat height of her chair, she didn’t say anything.


She taught me how to use accounting software with much patience.


In addition, she’s taking me into consideration, “You can do these invoices first, if you are tired, you may find something else, and then you won’t feel bored.”


She always reminded me: “Hey, Sweetolive, please have a break; it’s time for morning tea or lunch.”


The first day I found I liked work with her, though it is just a temporary one, but she makes me feel so good.


Coincidentally, after a few days, I asked her: “Are you a Christian?” “How do you know that?” she was surprised.


“Because I had a former Sri Lankan colleague, who came from the same county as you and she is also a Christian. I can always remember her smiling face and kind voice.”


“Yes, I am,”Angelina told me.


“You know, her husband is a senior pastor.” The other colleague added.


“Wow, no wonder, Angelina is such a kind and lovely lady,” I said.


“Yes, she is, she’s the best, you know, she made me really nice milk tea every morning, I love it.”


“I can make one for you if you like.” Angelina smiled at me.


“Thanks so much, maybe not today.”

I am not here promoting Christian because I don’t have a religion.


But so far all the Christian girls I met are as lovely as angles.


When I first time arrived in Australia, I didn’t have friends, I would like to join a dinner party with some Chinese girls in the same building, but for some reasons I was not invited, that’s fair enough.


Since a Malaysian girl moved into our floor, she made desert for floor mates; she knocked my door for sharing her freshly made bamboo soup and she invited me joining her picnic.


She’s not a rich girl, but she’s so kind, I was no longer feeling isolated since I met her, she’s like a younger sister, who used to put me on her mind.


All three Christian ladies dress normal clothes with no luxury bags, but on my mind, they are the most beautiful people in the world.


So it’s not you wear Louis Vuitton clothes or drive a BMW, then you are becoming a respectable and classy woman.


No, you are not; you have to be beautiful both inside and outside.

It doesn't matter which country you live, it is more related to who you to be with.


I wish all ladies could be as kind as those three, and then we can change the world, to make it a better, warmer and happier place to stay.

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Reply Huaxia 2017-5-17 01:19
You make me to know myself is a handsome man, because I am kind, always smile at others and often help others to solve  problems, the time when i rich will come……
Reply sweetolive 2017-5-17 08:03
Haha, glad to hear you are a nice one, all people will like you no matter you are rich or poor, because you brings sunshine to the world.
Reply Huaxia 2017-5-17 19:43
sweetolive: Haha, glad to hear you are a nice one, all people will like you no matter you are rich or poor, because you brings sunshine to the world.
today,i had read this article again more careful……i got the more. not only ladies,but also men as me should be kind to others as we can,any place where we have been working or passing should be better,warmer and happier. thank you!
Reply sweetolive 2017-5-18 11:26
Huaxia: today,i had read this article again more careful……i got the more. not only ladies,but also men as me should be kind to others as we can,any place wh ...
everyone should be nice, especially to newcomers, then we can make the world a pleasant place to stay, no one would like to work in a place which is full of nasty ones :D

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