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We need your comments

Hot 1569 views. 2017-12-4 10:52

One follower left a comment on my blog; I was gonna post it, but received a message: “The comment has been deleted.”


“Really?” then I texted back: “Sorry, I can read your comment, which is excellent. Unfortunately, I can’t post it as you have deleted it.”


In a while, there's another message from Brain. I found his writing was terrific; I was curious whether he is a Chinese or not.


I asked: “Where are you from?” He said: “Kenya.” I thought he’s in Melbourne. 

He lives in China.


What a surprise!!! Friends have joined me from all over the world.


No wonder his English is above most of the others, he said that he has a dream to be a writer, but he hasn't made a decision to take action.


I was thrilled to hear my blogs have inspired Brain.

I know my writing is not better than anyone else; the only difference is that I have the courage to create a subscription, and I am not afraid of people criticising grammar mistakes or making negative comments.


I am satisfied as long as I am making improvement every day.


Please never wait until you are an expert then start creating an account or writing a blog, that would be too late, and it’s quite impossible.


No one is born world champion; you have to practice over and over. If you would like to win an Olympic gold medal, but you never swim in deep water, because you are afraid of people laughing when you learn how to float, then your dream is doomed to fail.

It's the same as writing if you wanna to be an author or to write fluent English, but you are too scared to make a comment, then how can you start to write an article.


Please don’t take writing seriously; it’s as simple as swimming or dancing, the more practice, the better, as long as it brings you great happiness, then just do it.

Please don’t care too much about other people’s thinking, when you write the first blog; you might think it’s silly. Just like my ones, I reckon it was full of mistakes, but if you have never started from the bottom, it’s unlikely to reach the top.


You know what will happen in 2, 3 or 5 years’ time? If you keep writing on a weekly basis; your writing skill will improve far beyond someone who has never written one sentence.


After ten years, you will be admired for outstanding writing ability, and you might become a specialist and teach people how to write.


Please don't expect to be a professional one without writing down one sentence, that’s an unrealistic dream, you will never make it come true.


Only if you have begun doing it, then you can make progress. For example, before you make a comment, you will have to read and understand the meaning of my blogs.


If there are unfamiliar vocabularies, you will look up the dictionary and use your brain to write down your thoughts.


Probably, you are not content with the comments, anyway, you have posted it, so no need worry too much.


The most important thing, you have taken one small step forward. 

Again, you will pay attention to the articles or books from other authors, and then write down the beautiful sentences or phrases which touch your heart so that you can use them for your writing or comments.


You will gain self-confidence once make a few comments and feel like writing more, so you will think of writing a blog and read books.

If you keep going, after a couple of years, your English writing skill will be much better than Uni graduates who only knows how to pass the exams.

If you have built up a solid foundation in writing and reading, then it’s time to improve your oral English and listening skill.


Because you have accumulated enough vocabularies and phrases, you will have no problem watching English movies with subtitles.


If you keep watching movies or listening to the news on a persistent basis, you will find your listening skill has been improved dramatically. 

And it’s a good way for the cultural understanding of western society.


After that, you may try to talk about the main idea of the movies or join English groups and find friends practice oral English.


If you are in Australia, that would be too easy, just talk in English with everyone as much as possible.

At this stage, you consider speaking English hard, from my experience, it’s easier than writing. Writing is the hardest part.


On the other hand, TED is a different scenario; I don’t think it’s simple, it needs lots of practice.


It’s similar to Mandarin Chinese, everybody can talk, but if you would like to write good articles, you need life experience and also read lots of books.


Therefore, if you have started from the hardest part of making comments and doing writing, then you won’t be afraid of the other two parts: listening and speaking.

If you admire someone who can speak fluent English, it’s better you take a small step - making a comment for my blogs.

I wish this tiny step will make a big change for you, please don’t hesitate to take action from now on.

please join my wechat subscription: Englishpassion, if you enjoy my blogs

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Reply wangjide01 2017-12-5 15:37
Writting a blog or a comment is a better way to practice our english. After all, not everyone has the chance to communicate with a foreigner .  We learn more and more new words, but we always can't form a sentence fluently.  Writting is a good way to improve our english ability.
Reply sweetolive 2017-12-6 07:39
wangjide01: Writting a blog or a comment is a better way to practice our english. After all, not everyone has the chance to communicate with a foreigner .  We lea ...
thanks, I reckon we have learned enough vocabularies, normally in English speaking and writing, we use the simple words, so that it's easier for people to understand.

listening is also essential, just keep practising by watching movies , TED, videos or read books, articles and then write down or speak out the main idea of what you are listening and reading, then you can improve listening, reading, writing and speaking 4 skills.

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