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I love Melbourne

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A couple of weeks ago, I was working in front of the computer and overheard a few Aussie girls saying: “It is freezing cold, I can’t stand it, is the air-conditioner on?”


“Yes, I guess so.”One girl said.


After a while, a girl came to me: “May I borrow a heater from you?”


“Where is it?” “It’s under your desk.”


“Ok, please take it.” “Thanks, are you sure you don't want it?”


“No, I don’t think so,” I said.


I didn’t feel cold at all though I only wore a long sleeve shirt in the office.


Probably I come from Shanghai and am so used to the cold winter; it seems to me no winter in Melbourne.


On a sunny day, it’s not unusual to see people wear different types of dresses on the street.


When my mum visited me, she always said: “Weird, I can’t figure out whether it is summer, autumn or winter? Someone’s wearing a T-shirt, a jumper, a cardigan or a coat.”

Melbourne is a great place for photos taking, you won’t feel awkward no matter what clothes or shoes to wear in winter.


Last week, I wore a pair of boots with shorts and a shirt on; this week, I had a pair of high-heel shoes with the coat.

On a sunny winter afternoon, I feel nice and warm walking on the street of Melbourne. If it is in Shanghai, I suppose I will get sick if dresses like that for a few hours.


That’s the reason I love Melbourne- the beautiful weather though quite a lot of people from Northern parts of Australia complain how cold and windy winter in Melbourne.


I can’t argue with them, it depends on where you were born, which part you are from, there will be a different feeling.

One of my friends has been travelling around the world, he suggests the food in Melbourne is one of the best, there are more varieties compared to the cities in Europe.


That’s true, as Melbourne is a multicultural city, there are lots of choices.


Lygon street is famous for Italian cuisine, years ago, my Aussie friend Meredith introduced a restaurant: Cafe Cavallino.

Since then, whenever my family comes, that’s the restaurant on the must go list.


After we had home-made pasta in Cafe Cavallino, we will be a bit disappointed if go to most of the other Italian restaurants in Melbourne.

Cafe Cavallino also caters for customers by offering two size pasta: entree and main; they offer gourmet pizza from small, medium to big size, you won’t feel waste or have to take half pizza home if can’t finish.

That night, we ordered seafood pasta, Garlic prawns, salmon pizza and mushroom steak.


Italian cuisine is my favourite western food, the week before, we went to the spaghetti street on Bourke Street, it is a stylish old restaurant and also on the must go list.

The environment is excellent. While having the delicious meals we were enjoying the live music played by a talented musician who plays different instruments including the piano.


In Shanghai, having western food will be regarded as a luxury thing, in Melbourne, it is very normal.

The majority restaurants are affordable as long as you have a job; everyone can afford to buy the main dish, such as steak, or seafood if one works a couple of hours on the minimum salary.

Dining out with friends on a weekend or a Friday night won’t be a burden, you pay to split the bill by spending $20 to $45 (not including drink) per person.

Last Friday night, we went a Mexican restaurant-Taco Bill on Russell street, which was the third time I had, just because I wanna show my family the different cuisine.

Probably this week, we will go for a Greek restaurant: Stalactites in the city, it is very popular and always be in the queue if go after work on a Friday night.


Next week, Spanish cuisine: Teatro at Southbank, the week after, Korean food, Japanese, Thai cuisine, Vietnamese or Chinese food, it depends on what we feel like to have.

And there are lots of cheap or expensive ones from other countries; it’s your choice.


The other reason I enjoy staying in Melbourne is the outstanding service from the public libraries.


Since started writing, I always receive the message: “Please pick up reservation from the library by 20/04/2018”.

If I find the suitable books, I will place a reservation online. Melbourne city library has six branches, if it is not available in the city, the library will get the book from other libraries, e.g., Carlton, the Dock, East Melbourne, North Melbourne and Southbank library.

If a book can’t be found online, then I will request an interlibrary loan,


City library staff will try the best to find one from suburban libraries.


One day, I received an email from the city library, which informed me that they would like to buy a new book I ordered as it has been searched everywhere, but couldn’t find one.


That’s so cool, how excellent service I’ve got and I feel very lucky.

For a tourist, you don't have to buy a ticket if visit Melbourne city, there’s one free city circle 35, and all the trams are free in the CBD.

I live within free tram zone, on the weekend I catch a free tram shopping at Queen Victorian Market or China Town, buying lots of seafood, veggies and Asian groceries.

Most national parks are free to access; beaches are everywhere, just catch a train or drive a car, within a short distance, you will see the sea in front.


At a summer night, I will take a train to Elwood, walking, jogging and running along the beaches until the sunset, and then take a tram home, feel so good, that’s the real happiness I can tell.

The best part for myself is being independent; I can still find a job earn money, I don't have to rely on anyone else to buy me a luxury bag or waiting for a rich man to change my life, that’s the way I love Melbourne.

There are too many amazing parts I haven’t mentioned, and I might have to write it down in part II.

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Reply Tange 2018-4-13 20:37
Maybe you need Part III ,... To mentioned all the parts you need to writed
Reply sweetolive 2018-4-14 12:07
Tange: Maybe you need Part III ,... To mentioned all the parts you need to writed
Thanks very much for your reminding, should be on my list :D

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