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Shares I obtained an Australian driver's license later than my daughter
2019-5-9 19:47
When I went downstairs, I heard from our designers and specifiers, “Congratulations, Sweetolive, you passed the driving test, well done!!!!” “Yes, thank you so much.” “How do you guys know?” I was wondering. “Everyone does, that’s the h ...
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Shares Women in Shanghai-English is a must
2019-3-11 18:43
In the TV series “Women in Shanghai”, luckily, Haiyan Chen ( 陈海燕 ) is offered a dream position as a Uni graduate from a top advertising company in Shanghai. When Haiyan works in the company, colleagues introduce themselves, “This is Kate, this is Amy; our manager is Scarlet ...
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Shares Stay true to yourself
2019-2-20 19:15
Last Friday, when I chatted with my Aussie colleague, Kaylene, she said: “ Sweetolive , that’s how I love you so much.” “Haha, really? Thank you.” In fact, I haven’t done anything cateringforher. One month ago, she sent me a ...
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Shares Can you introduce a boyfriend to her
2019-1-31 19:35
When I was on holiday in China, I visited a friend, Julie. We talked about Uni stories overseas and mentioned a friend of us, Ann; A girl lives in Australia. Julie is an amiable lady. After a while, she asked: “Do you have any nice boy for Ann; she’s still single.” ...
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Shares I am happy to be an employee in Australia
2019-1-13 19:57
Last Wednesday before lunch, our new CFO (Chief Financial Officer) talked with me: “How many hours did you work last week?” “40 hours excluding lunch time.” “Why did you work extra hours?” "Did I ? I was asked to work 40 to 42 hours per wee ...
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Shares That's the way to be an independent woman
2018-12-17 19:26
An independent woman is a happy one because she’s the master of life, she doesn't need to rely on someone to consent what she should do or not. The first thing is to become financially independent. An independent woman works very hard as she has bills to pay, probably ...
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Shares eat, walk and run
2018-12-2 18:34
Travelling in China, we have limited time to try the best local cuisines and snacks at a low price in each city. And it would be a bit hard to find such tasty food in other cities, what can we do? There’s one answer: eat, eat and eat. It’s meaningless to control app ...
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Shares why worry about not finding a job?
2018-11-6 19:15
The job market is tight for a graduate or a new immigrant with no work experience in Australia. You open up seek- Australia's No. 1 employment site, apply for a position, enter an email address, upload a resume and a cover letter, and then submit the application. ...
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Shares Which country would you choose to live in?
2018-8-23 16:49
Every time I am so happy after arriving in Melbourne the first day. I did enjoy holidays in China, travelling, shopping, restaurants, library, writing, meeting families and friends, watching TV and movies. It sounds like living in a fantasy, but after everything I’ve ...
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Shares Why do Chinese photograph food they about to eat?
2018-8-16 19:12
After I posted a few photos of Chinese food on Wechat, one Aussie friend made a comment: “ W hy do Chinese photograph food they about to eat"? Good one, actually, I have never thought about the question. Normally, I seldom post photos of food in Melbourne, b ...
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