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The US-China Trade War, we don't fear-from VOA

Hot 12023 views. 2018-5-4 13:13 |Individual Classification:VOA

    As the United States and China haggle over market access, intellectual property rights and other complex trade issues, the simple question consumers in Beijing are wondering is what impact will the dispute have on the cost of goods and will they ultimately be left carrying the weight as prices rise.
    China have already placed tariffs on US fruit , nuts and pork among other products. Few at this local market were feeling the impact yet but with the likelood of highter prices for imports such as nuts and fruit on the horizon, this vendor says he's already weighing his options. I can just stop buying US goods and stop selling products from America, I can just buy goods from China. 
    Chinese authorities have repeatedly voiced confidence they are prepared to fight to the end if Washington goes ahead with tariff on 1300 imports from China but neither side knows for certain just how broad an impact the tariffs could have.
    Wang Chongyuan says she spends her summer in San Diego and is a fan of Michael kors products. She hopes the two side will sit down and talk. If not consumers will end up footing the bill, it will have an impact on the Chinese economy and that has an impact on the public's interests. With higher tariffs and prices we'll have to spend more. If the US does go ahead with its tariffs, most consumers say they will just buy other foreign products or domestic brands. 
    China no longer lags behind and it can make whatever its people need. There's no need to rely on the US. Take sports apparel for example, there are plenty of domestic brands to choose from. If they want to make economy here they have to work together with China because there are a lot of Chinese . However access to the Chinese market is what the dispute is all about. 
    A few that Voa spoke with were aware of what Washington is demanding or even the huge gap in access that exists between Chinese companies operating in the United States and the gridlock American and other foreign firms face here.
    Bill Ide, VOA news, Beijing.

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Reply direction 2018-5-5 01:00
It is true that two sides need to sit down and talk because trade war which may damage interests of both sides is not the best way to solve trade conflicts.
Reply MarcoYang 2018-5-8 10:26
Both of us think that way, except the sitting US president.

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