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How could be a good sales man?

69 views. 2018-6-11 23:17

I have worked in this company nearly one year, this is my first time being a sales man in a company, my major work is develop big merchant cooperate with us. At the beginning although I know I will face a lot of challenges in my work, and I believe most merchant should interest in our biz, because it could help their biz increase, especially in the bad marketing environment, but actually it even worth than I thought, not only in external but internal.
First internal problem, our product just like alipay and wechat pay, we don`t have a good adventage than them, we don`t have so much users and the product function also have less adventage, because the design team is foreigner, they don`t fully understand china`s market and operate method, what they thought is how many benefit we can give to partners, and they need give us discount support to customers. 
Secont is external problem, I contact many big merchant, it is very hard to push, because our product not launched yet, they can`t see the effection, and we don`t have any successful cast to show them; some of them have a little interest in it, but they need us supply promotion fee, if not they can`t cooperate with us. I think it is reasonable, because this is the biz enverment in China, alipay, wechat pay, and many banks they often give some discount to customers, most of the promotion fee they supply, not cooperator. Merchant have already been use to get promotion fee from supplyer. But our product designers just say it is not coincidence logic, we can bring traffic and increase their tranction, they should give some discount to customers. Maybe they don`t know or can`t understand China`s market is totally different from other countrys.
I am very anxious about my work, and less confidence on it. I want to give up this work many times, but I can`t, because I don`t have the power to do it any more, and I know, this is my work, I must think more ways to persuade merchant cooperate, even it only have little oppotunity. Recently I study sales knowledge from books and audio, hope it could help in my work.

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