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my first day in this web

Hot 4276 views. 2018-3-7 17:49 |Individual Classification:opening| introduction

Hello, everyone. I'm a postgraduate in Wuhan city. I'm a new comer here. I found this web occasionally lastweek. So I've reviewed some blogs at that time. I thought this web would be useful for my writing and reading skills of English. Honestly, I've studyed English for about 16 year, but I still find that I have no ability to communicate with a normal Englishuser,  especially in spoken area. I've passed only tow exams related to English -- "CET6" & "English for Entrance of Postgraduate ". These kind of exams emphasizes the ablilities of reading and translating. So I want to develop my English writing ability through this web and use this language not just to pursue certifications also to communicate with other English learners same as me. Every language's main function is for the need of communicating with each others.So nice to meet you again, my new English friends.

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Reply BlueSeaLiang 2018-3-7 19:41
Welcome ,I believe you can insist on writing .Keep going .move on.
Reply Tange 2018-3-7 21:53
welcome , freshman ...
Reply teadrinking 2018-3-7 21:56
Welcome. You have written well. And by writing here, you will meet more friends to learn, study and share together. English, as a language, works as we use it to communicate with people either by speaking out or writing down for readers. You have noticed and realized what you want. So you can pursue what you like.
Reply wangjide01 2018-3-22 22:17
Welcome. I think writting is a good way to practise english besides face to face  communication. After all, most people don't have much chance to have a face to face communication in english, especially to a foreigner.

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