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My fist day in this web

Hot 3337 views. 2018-3-13 20:24

      Hello, everyone! It's my first day in this website. I'm a new comer here. I found this web occasionally last week. I'm glad to find a nice place to keep a record of our life and share our thoughts in English. I thought it would be useful for my writing and reading skills of English. Though I 've studied English for many years, I still feel that I couldn't express my feeling freely, especially communicating with other English speakers.Therefore, I want to develop my English writing ability through this web. What's more, I found it was also a way to know the outside world and catch up with the world. I wish I can write blogs at least once a week. I hope I will insist on it.

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Reply admin 2018-3-13 23:09
Welcome to DioEnglish  
Reply Tyson_Tong 2018-3-13 23:47
Me too, the first day to here. i'm glad to meet more friends, and then we can learing english each other.
Reply HandsomeAmor 2018-3-14 17:48
Well, but this platform dioenglish has few users.   Maybe hard to widen your horizon due to the lack of sharing more different life.   what is worthy to our congratulation, the website's owner or managers pay more attention to building a superior environment with a little purely English communication. Finally wish to get your  unique experience.

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