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Psychology: A Voyage of the Mental World

185 views. 2018-4-11 18:26 |Individual Classification:Weekly Writing| psychology, introduction

In the senior year of my college, I started to read in psychology for some self-aid mental care and I still remember my first introduction book was Psychology and Life, by P. Zimbado. As an Aviation Engineering student at that time, who was trained to do trouble-shooting and make maintenance plans in aviation industry, I have to confess that the book didn’t contain much practical knowhow of mental care(perhaps I chose the wrong book), however, I was accidentally impressed by the methods, ideas, thoughts and theories in this field. Not only did I learn some knowledge of psychology, but I harvested a novel dimension of thinking as well. My reading has not stopped since then and now psychology becomes a dear to my heart.

  The exceptional writer, father of modern psychology, William James put that psychology is the science of Mental Life. Referring to his definition and my own learning experience, I think that a "voyage” here is an apt metaphorreading in psychology is like taking a wonderful tour to the mental world, which is a strange place we are familiar with.

I want to write something on psychology from next week and therefore related topics are to be included in my weekly writing practice routine. Two reasons are as follows:

(1) Sharing my learning experience and fascinating ideas in psychology. We are innate naïve psychologists who crave to know our mental life, but a great deal of attempts have failed or made us more bewildered than before. Some simple, useful psychological knowledge backed up in science will make a huge difference.

(2) Offering a new scope of thinking. The most perilous thing to our cognition is no longer blind spots in knowledge but the blind dimension in thinking: the former deficit can be balanced by the searching engine, while the latter one might blind us forever.

This time I prefer writing in a story-like, question-idea-evidence fashion, for our brains fancy stories and a story-like fashion consists with my voyage metaphor; raising questions pushes me write critically and provides you with an active reading(a win-win situation, right?).

Hope you enjoy.

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