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About travel to seaside.

364 views. 2018-4-18 21:56

Here is a beautiful seaside view. Placid water with a little ripples shows up in a clear blue color, where stands small islands covered with verdure plants in the horizon. Sky is so blue where clouds intersperse in the distance. A man wearing only pants lying on soft sand under the bright sunlight. His gesture presents a bright and relaxed mood. His wide brim hat and brown skin present a strong and healthy body. We can take him as a fisherman at his leisure time.

If we saw a picture like this in a real poster or magazine, it might be a p.s. scenery, I mean the picture may be made by computer. But it doesn’t matter for someone watching for places to spend holiday for. Seaside is the best place to go for people who live in the middle of a continent and have cold winter like you and me. Go in summer to enjoy swimming and sunshine while go in winter to get rid of cold weathers and thick coats. Life is made up of water, so everyone is hydrophilic from the heart. The sea is calling for us, using its spectacular vision and gigantic chest.

However, today’s sea shore is not that beautiful and longer. Last time I went to Dalian, only to find dirty water with slimy water plants floating on its surface. The sand with glass and shell fragments is not that soft at all. As a result, we should care about our feet instead of watching beyond sky-line to avoid being hurt.

May be I didn’t find the right place, but human activities do harm a lot to our sea. Something must be done in case that, one day even p.s. couldn’t compose a picture like above. We’ll have no where to spent holiday just then.

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