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Uncover the veil

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People are fascinated by the mysteries easily, wandering about the men, the women,themselves and the nature. To uncover or not, it really annoys us; to accept or not, it is really a different decision to make when it gets unveiled.

Sometimes I was in my feelings that day about that particular situations, good or bad times. I got the good side of you, as well as the bad side of you. I realize, I havent completely forgot about you; I apologize, I wish that this wasnt the way things were going down. I have seen all these amazing places and been through all these crazy experiences. I got the good side of life, so many thoughts I want to share, I hope you can understand.

Cover or uncover, depending on our hearts. For me, I am always on the road of healing, and am always to be a healer for myself or others. Everything is a mirror for your own internal state. Just let it be. No matter whom I meet, he is the person in my life.


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Reply teadrinking 2018-12-24 23:48
That is the instinct of human beings which brings us the desire to know something, whatever it is good or not, right or wrong. Meanwhile, we have to undertake what we have done. On the way to complete ourselves is the best redemption.

Scar can be recovered while the scare itself cannot be eradicated. What we can do is to heal it by the pious salvation. Somewhere, someone would be right there you are doomed to meet.
Reply sarahsuo 2018-12-29 14:54
Thank you. Now I am trying to make a comeback in writing after some time. I like the words you write which tell me you are a thoughtful one. I can feel you are self-disciplined between the lines. Self-disciplined people are not all outstanding people. But nearly all outstanding people are self-disciplined people.

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