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Shares The man really loves you
2019-1-7 22:46
When a man really loves you, he will be interested in you. He will respect your ideas and opinons, even when he doesn't agree. He will pay attention to details about your likes and dislikes, and he will accommodate your needs to the best of his ability. If he respects you, he will compromise o ...
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Shares Ways to accept
2018-12-30 22:24
We will meet kinds of people in our life, but we never meet someone who meets all our requirements. At some point, we have to interact with people we don ’ t like. Maybe I can ’ t completely avoid one because they are a co-worker, a neighbour, or even a family member. Sometimes, we may s ...
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Shares Uncover the veil
2018-12-23 22:43
People are fascinatedby the mysteries easily, wandering about the men, the women,themselves and the nature. To uncover or not, it really annoys us; to accept or not, it is really a different decision to make when it gets unveiled. Sometimes I was in my feelings that day about that part ...
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Shares Homesickness
2018-6-4 07:16
Currently I am living far away from my hometown and I get to see my family and friends at most once ayear. Homesickness can sometimes be extremely overwhelming. When ignored, the depressive emotion can gradually eat away at your positive feelings and leave you miserable. Here are some great ...
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Shares How to build a good team?
2018-5-26 14:45
How to form an effective team and how to improve commnication within the team, which are the most important thing we need to consider. Mutual trust is the first secret of successful teamwork. When we share a trusting relationship, we will feel free to express our views and understand each o ...
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Shares My vocation--travel in Sanya
2018-5-23 21:36
It was around 6:30pm we arrived at Sanya airport, and the temperture was hot, we hasn't accustomed to it yet. The diver picked us up and drove us to the hotel I booked online during one mouth ago. Lodging usually was very expensive in the hot season. I booked a room with one King bed and basic cook ...
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Shares My vocation-Air to traval
2018-5-17 14:37
I think the best vocation I've ever taken was when I went to Sanya of Hainan province with my mother and my little daughter in the early March. Usually, I took my trip by train, but it got old, real fast. So this time we went there by plane. We arrived the airport at 6:00am. We checked i ...
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Shares Tips for productive life
2018-5-16 19:45
I would really like a productive life, but sometimes it is a bit of struggle. Here are some tips that help me stay on track. 1. To make a to-do list I am absolutely lost without a to-do list. I try to write out a to-do list every morning just before I begin the day. Sometimes if I am ove ...
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Shares Suan's family --Aimee & Bruce
2018-5-15 12:56
Susan's another sister Aimee is a absolutely gorgeous, she has a long, sleek and jet-black hair, pale blue eyes, and radiant complexion. People always compliment her on her hourglass figure and ask her what the secret is to maintaining such a slender waist. She has a round face and upturned nose, a ...
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Shares Susan's Family--Jessica & Bill
2018-5-13 15:22
Jessica was five years old than Susan. She was a charming woman and she's on good terms with all her former boyfriends. She'sex-husband named Frank.They were introduced by their mutual friend and fall in love at first sight, finally they got ahappilymarriage.Unfortunat ...
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