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October 7th,2021

46 views. 2021-10-7 16:54 |Individual Classification:Diary

  It's an overcast day just like my mood.  The National Day holidays will end as of today and tomorrow I will go back to my routine work. Anyone who must try his best to do his current job  even if he doesn't like it at all, unless he has adequate courage and money to quit it.
  What made me annoyed is another thing.  I didn't know my wife had told her father the truth that I have gotten into debt more than 200 000 yuan until today.It made me feel ashamed and guilty when I face my wife's familes from now on. But at this point, it no use escaping or complaining. What I should do is to face the current dilemma and get over it as soon as possible.
  Today, I make a few rules for myself.  The concrete contents are as follows.
1. To be a hard-working person.No matter whether you like your current job or not,you must try the best to do it unless you resign it.
2.Treat my familes with love and kindness, especially my wife ,my son and my forthcoming baby.
3. To be a good learner, reader and writer.  You must find something that make you get a good development and the value of life in the rest of life. Keep reading and keep wirting.
4. To be a person who have financial quotient . As a wage earner,  you must learn how to save money  and learn some skills about money management.
4.Do exercise every day. You still have heavy debts need to repay.Also,  you have many mission need to accomplish. Therefore, you must have a strong body to make it.
5. To be a hopeful person. No matter how hard the life is, no matter how tough the situation is. You need to handle everthing with a positive attitude.

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