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Farewell 2020. Please, Never Come Back

622 views. 2020-11-28 00:07

At the midnight of 27th November, listening to Leslie Cheung’s “Me”I am who I am, firework with a different colour… Suddenly the thought of writing something about this nasty year flashed by my mind.


COVID-19 must be the best and only topic to start with. While I believe there’s no need to go through what happened again, I recall clearly that at 1:30AM, 31st January 2020, tossed and turned, I just couldn’t fell asleep. Still shocked by the swift action of the government to fully lockdown the City of Wuhan, I wrote down my feelings about this sudden and unexpected deadly killer virus and published it on Moments of Wechat, which I rarely do. This invisible little thing reshaped the whole world and how we live our lives, in a bad way.


Then Trump started to denigrate China, exacerbating the China-US relation that had already turned sour just because China was the first country to officially report this virus to the world. Then things turned worse, like a freefall.


Then we said goodbye to Koby.


Then I fell out of love which I fell in unexpectedly with a totally strange man. I heart ached and broke. It hurt so much that I became numb, for as long as a century.


Then something bad happened to my work too. I made enemy with my team leader who, for a long time, offered me great help while taking advantage of my diligence and honesty at the same time. Unable to judge him with a fair say after self-repression for almost two years, I finally declare war on him with a trigger. From that moment, we never had a real conversation again. We never spoke to each other unless we had to. Funny thing is, I never regret about this war without fire between me and him. In a way, he taught me something I should’ve learned a long time ago. And I never knew I could be strong as I am now, that he couldn’t get rid of me as easy as crushing an ant. Here I am, safe and intact.


Then we said goodbye to Maradona.


I don’t know what’s more to come and how much more we all can bear. But I can’t wait to bid an early farewell to 2020: badbye forever!

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