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Chapter 19 Starry sky

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At three o’clock in the morning, the professor began to knock at each door to wake up the students who were sleeping soundly. Three minutes latter, the whole class gathered up before the hotel. It had been a cold night, and Sophie’ s boots were almost frozen. But when she looked up at the sky, she forgot everything. The stars so near, so close, only above her. It was no longer just a dream. She could almost stretch out her hand and touch it. It was a world she had never known, a high dream in the sky. Now she felt as if she had plunged into this world. Sophie guessed, perhaps the fairy on duty tonight has lighted many stars for imagination.

Her classmates around were all gasping with admiration at the glorious scene before them. Now after noting the names in the roster, the professor asked the students to watch Mars in telescope. When it was Sophie’ s turn to observe Mars, she found this star was blazing and flaming, but there was not a beautiful ring around Mars as she imagined. She was not disappointed though, because she had found the truth. 

Next, the most wonderful activity: Observing the constellations. Following the professor, the class reached a clearing, and began to look for the constellations. A hundred thousand stars were gleaming on the filament and the most obvious constellation was the Hunter, very much the same as shown in the star map. The four stars in the square represented the shoulder of the Hunter, and the three stars in the middle were diamonds in his waistband. His sword was formed by several little stars. The professor told Sophie, the two bright stars behind the Hunter were the Greater Dog and the Lesser Dog. Sophie thought, how hard-working the Hunter was! He kept running in the sky with two dogs and never knew his destination. So following her classmates’ directions, she found the seven stars of the Northern Dipper. It was obviously in the shape of a big spoon. Sophie thought, perhaps one day, when the Hunter got tired, he would boil meat in a black cauldron and gulp the broth with the Dipper. At last, Sophie saw the Swan beside the Milky Way. The stars of the Swan were arranged in a cross, looking as if a swan was spreading its wings. Sophie conceived, perhaps God asked Swan to guard the Milky Way, but this Swan might be a lazy one, and often dozed off. 

And so Sophie began yawning too. So she returned to the hotel with her classmates and had a good sleep. 

In the early morning all luggage was carefully stowed away. Together with the professor and her classmates, Sophie started for the world below. Before she got on the bus she looked back at the sky which had brought her so much imagination. 

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Reply Sumingyu 2020-6-28 09:10
The legend of the Cowherd and the Girl Weaver
Originated from the Altair, Milky Way and Vega.

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