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Chapter 39 A mellow watermelon

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The next day Sophie waited for the editor very early at the East Gate. Here finally appeared in her vision a mature woman full of vigor and professional knowledge. Just as what was told in the phone, she was in a brown dress, her hair very long and holding a green folder. 

Sophie ran forward and shake hands with her. Her voice was the same as reflected in the telephone, very kind and polite. 

They had some coffee in Shu Xiang Garden, and they talked about the novel. Zhuang Di appreciated Sophie’ s English language skills, but she pointed out that her plot was not strange enough, and there were not enough characters in her stories. Sophie listened to her carefully and she was prepared to modify her novel. Then she asked Zhuang Di her working situation in the press. Zhuang Di said as an editor she could communicate with many writers, and she could also get the first hand knowledge of the book market. Sophie admired her very much. 

Then they talked about literature. Zhuang Di said her favorite English poet was Shelly, and Sophie said she did not like Englishpoems. She only appreciated English novels. Zhuang Di said she preferred to compose prose, and Sophie said she was not very good at prose. She only tried to write English novels and Chinese poems. 

In this way they talked like old friends and two hours passed very quickly. Then Sophie saw her off.

A few days latter, to her great joy, Sophie received the magazine which had printed her passage. In addition, she was paid 100 Yuan for her work. What delighted her more was that it was a handsome guy who visited her and sent her the money. When she was accepting the money at the door of the dorm many girls poked out their heads and darted significant glances from behind the window. Sophie had never experienced this kind of situation and she was flushing. Nervously she ran back and banged the door close. As soon as she entered her magazine was snatched off her hands, and everyone took turns reading it. The cover was very beautiful, and a picture designed by Sophie was also printed. Once Sophie thought many children could read her own fairy tale, she felt sweet. According to the rule of the dorm, she took out some money and bought a big watermelon for her roommates. All the dormmates shared the watermelon. Today the watermelon was the sweetest. Though she earned just earned some fees for her manuscript, it was the first time she earned money by her own effort. She would write on, for her own happiness in her mind and a way of living. 

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