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Fried shrimps

142 views. 2020-7-26 21:28 |Individual Classification:food

I bought some fresh small shrimps from Best Town. They are bigger than dried shrimps but much smaller than full sized shrimps. Many of them were alive and the flesh looked transparent. Twenty five Yuan a jin. I bought a portion of shrimps at the price of 20 Yuan.

I took more than half of the shrimps and washed them clean. Then I left the clean shrimps in a basin, so that water would dry up in the air. I steamed two potatoes for thirty minutes and boiled rice with an electric cooker. Then I stirred some cauliflowers and carrots.

When the shrimps looked dry, I added a bit of salt and some liquor. Do not add too much salt or liquor, or the shrimps would taste strange. Stir the ingrediants and leave the basin on the kitchen table for ten minutes. More water would ooze out from the shrimps, and the shrimps would turn moist. Add some corn flour to the mixture, and stir the shrimps, so that corn flour would distribute evenly among the shrimps, leaving no dough or blocks while frying.

Heat the wok and pour proper amount of oil into the wok. Not too much oil, and the amount of oil shall be adequate for frying. Heat the oil with flaming fire, until smoke wisp from the hot oil. With medium fire, fry the shrimps quickly for one mintue or one and a half minutes. Quickly filter out all the shrimps from the hot oil.

Heat the oil for a second time. Fry the shrimps for a second time until they look golden and crisp.

Eat fried shrimps with rice, steamed potatoes and cauliflower & carrot salad.


Just a small amount of salt and liquor would be adequate for the shrimps. 

Just a small amount of corn flour. Do not add water when stirring flour into the shrimps, as water would ooze from the shrimps and the shrimps would turn moist. 

Fry the shrimps for two times. For the first time, fry the raw shrimps and take them out quickly before they get burnt. For the second time, fry the shrimps until they have golden crusts. If the shrimps are fried for just one time, it is likely to get burnt if time or fire is not correctly controled. Fry for two times and take out the shrimps quickly. The shrimps would taste nice and look nice. 

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