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Hope fairies

40 views. 2020-11-11 22:51 |Individual Classification:Greek myths in my own words| Greek, myths, own, words

        The gods made a marble statue together on Olympus. They made a beautiful statue, a beautiful woman. The carved woman had curly golden hair, watery eyes, wore a beautiful robe and a garland, and was gilded with gold.
        The gods named the marble woman Pandora. On New Year’s Day, they sent Pandora to the humans as a present. And Pandora brought a delicate box with her.
        In the human world, Pandora transformed into a beautiful woman and married a man. And the couple lived happily together. The gods warned that no one shall open the box, or there would be disasters in the world.
        However, the woman, Pandora, was curious. One day, when her husband was not at home, she opened the lid of the box. Various disasters popped out of the box: Diseases, despair, death, evil spirits…
        Pandora was horrified and she was in desperation. She was fearful and regretful. Just then, at the bottom of the box, several hope fairies fluttered out, all dressed in gossamer skirts. They would always bring hope, brightness and virtue in the world.
        Hope is a very nice English name. 

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