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A Greek boy

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In ancient Greece, some poor families abandoned some weak babies to the mountains, as they had no money or food to keep the child and raise him up. If the infant grew up in a mountain, adopted by a shepherd or hunter, he learnt to hunt at an early age.

Boys or girls left home at the age of 7 or 8, as the family was poor and there was not enough food to sustain them. A boy would take a sword, his weapon, passed down from his father. And he would have bows and arrows of flint tips or iron tips. Take barley bread, cheese and sausages. Travel alone on mountain path. Take a bone flute.

The boy protected himself with his sword and arrows. He hunted at day time, in order to survive. He chased a boar and roasted pork in a cave.

He walked to the Academy, and studied with lots of other boys. The discipline was strict. Barbarians and invaders would probably attack their city at any time. They must always be prepared. They must be trained strictly as soldiers. They ran on the playground, in short distances and long distances. They wrestled with each other or hurled discs. Sometimes they darted javelins with great strength. 

They ate in public dining halls. Food was scarce. Sometimes they could not get enough food to eat, as the farmers failed to harvest lots of crops on that year. They starved. But they had to tolerate the feeling of starvation and continue exercising. 

When the enemies invade the cities, the boys were enlisted in troops and they went to the battlefield. Holding swords or spears, they fought with the enemies. If they win, the enemies are their captives. If they loose the battle, then the enemies would invade into the city and loot all the treasure from their houses. All the men shed blood. Some women and children were killed. Some women and children became slaves or captives. They were transported in ships and brought to other countries. They were deprived of freedom lifelong. They were chained slaves, and would have to work for their masters until death. 

The boy fought bravely in the battlefield and he became a hero. He could kill a snake in his cradle, even when he was a baby! Everyone admired him.

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