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Children's health

34 views. 2020-11-13 09:41 |Individual Classification:essay

   Potato chips, crisp, chew.

   Chocolate biscuits, a sweet tart.

   Five bags of instant noodles, in preparation. Take it home and no trivial chores. The child has something to eat, and the guardians would continue to play cell phone games, engaged in visual world, no matter what they swallowed.

     Four pieces of Holliland cakes, munched by a four-year old girl. 

     Is the cake delicious?

     The girl nodded.

     Too much cake. The cake would not decay for several days. What is it made of? What additives are added to the soft mass?

     A big lump of fruit jellies. The child would hold it delightfully. Anyhow, even adults dare not to buy it from the grocery store.

     Candy bars of various outlook, shinny and attractive. Sweet, lick. The child would always speak of candy bars, counting them one by one and describing each candy.

     The girl was ruined by snack meals ever since birth, and too much snack all year long. At the age of four, Bella, the lovely and clever girl, had a tumor grown at the back of her neck. After operation, the tumor was cut off, but it seemed that Bella's normal growth was hampered. Now Bella is six, but she looks thin and small. Her little fingers felt like little sticks. Even the fingers of a four-year-old would be more plump and has more flesh.

     Bella started to eat sea food at the aged of one. Too much sea food would probably cause allergic constitution. But the guadians insisted on eating sea food instead of pork. At the age of six, at lunch table, Bella would not touch the shrimps. She had too much of it previously.

     Would Bella's tragedy end with her aloof guardians still on duty?

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