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Children fed by snacks

39 views. 2020-11-13 09:46 |Individual Classification:essay

Phd in medicine stated that the snacks contain lots of additives, and would hinder the growth of children or do great harm to the small body. So the guardians must control the amount of snack children consume.

Last month, when I took a walk in the community, I noticed a small boy and his grandmother. His grandmother was repeating: "He does not like to eat the main staple. He simply likes eating snacks."

I repeated to his grandmother that snacks were bad for health. If she cooks delicious food, the food would attract the boy's attention. Encourage him to eat three meals without picking up at the food.

If the child is fed with snacks since early age, then the salty and sweet food would form the child's sense of taste. It would be very hard to correct the child's habit of eating since he is accustomed to the familiar flavor.

The next time I met the boy, his grandma were repeating:"He enjoys snacks…He does not like the buns or white porriage…"

A good cook would try every means to offer delicious, different dishes to students in the dinning hall each day. Gradually, students would discard their snack bags.

One day in summer, a man was feeding his young child with Spirit, a cold drink. The little girl enjoyed the cold drink heartily. A vendor saw her drinking and suggested:"Do not feed the child with cold drink when the weather is hot! In summer, hot air surround the body, and it is extremely harmful to take in cold food in summer…The stomache would suffer…"

The man nodded, seemingly consented. But he was still holding the freezing bottle for the girl, and the girl was swallowing more cool spirit into her stomache…

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