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Chapter 5 Star seeds

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The sky is full of stars. All the stars are around Gene. Gene stretched out his fingers, as if he could reach the shimmering pinpoints. A constant star gazer, his clear eyes gleamed with joy on seeing the stars.

      Gleaming hearty Regulus was rising from the east over a silvery summit. Bright blue Sirius was setting over a western slope of  Mount Atlas. Reddish, purple and blue points were twinkling and glittering.

      He counted the stars and sketched imaginary straight lines between pinpoints. Then an angle, or a triangle. A triangle and other gleaming points formed a lion.

      An irregular hexagon would resemble a winged star hostel, unlike a beehive. Probably, some live stars over celestial sphere live over the summits among star houses, clouds or summits. The numerous golden bees live among regular hexagon honey combs.

      Gene came up with an idea.What if some stars sprout wings and become star seeds?The star seeds would spread and sprout in space germinating brightness, illumination and inspiration.

      Doris and I clapped and marvelled at this idea. I made a wish in my mind and my wish would always be granted.

     Doris and I flew and roamed in the sky vault. Orion Square was gleaming, and Space Water was gushing from Future Fountain.

     Some fairies and star elves were flying about, as if on duty illuminating the stars. In tranquility, it seemed as if the fairies napping on some remote flickering stars has just awoke from their slumbers, cheerfully flickering for a moment without human earshot. Probably, millions of light years on duty on the stars felt boring. Or the starring sky is an encyclopedia, and all the fairies would muse in silence on starring nights.

      We fluttered about the square. A fairy dipped more stars in Milky Way and made a warm orange globe with her wand. The small globe started spinning. We rested for a moment on the small planet, viewing vague new orange sky, blue bubbling seas and red, brown crayons.

      The fairy sprinkled bluish, orange, crimson, and greenish star seeds in the sky. We picked lots of star seeds.

      The next morning at dawn when all the stars would withdraw to their own world some greenish star seeds sprouted tiny wings and fluttered in midair, among fluffy snowflakes. Some star seeds flew over the horizon exploring the space. Probably they would sprout on other planets.

      Some star seeds played with snowflakes in the wind in freedom, dancing and whirling. Some star seeds were singing on tree twigs and shimmering among strawberry shrubs. Hopefully, some stars would germ in our celestial garden.We flew among the summits. At nightfall, we slept in a tree hole and ate honey. 

       At dawn  three star seeds fluttered with us, our new little companions. He is a little boy with clear eyes, wearing a pointed, fluffy long hat. The elf was dressed in a gleaming greenish jacket and brown doublin, and pulled on a pair of pointed silvery shoes. He looked energetic and his curly reddish hair sparkled in sunrays. A pair of tiny green wings sprouted from his shoulders. He chuckled merrily in high pitched tone, and chartered with us at ease.

     Milo is talkative. 

    Triangles, hexagons, squares and diamonds. Gene and Aster were having a discussion on the calculation of triangles. 

      The two little star seeds are called Clare and Dior. Clare is a bright blue star seed, dressed in a shinny fluffy bluish white fluffy short skirt, her bright eyes gleaming with wisdom. Dior is a classic little nymph, dressed in a purple gown with orange puffed sleeves. She is bestowed with a pair of delicate, thin, fairy wings. On seeing them, Clare was standing on her tiptoes and Dior was turning on her heels.

       Clare was wandering: "Shall I roam in the space at day time or withdraw to the world of stars?"

       "The universe is full of possiblities. " Uttered Doris timidly.

       Dior looked classic and silent, always smiling at us, with fairy temperance. Her silky hair was flowing in the wind, and her dark eyes shimmered softly. In moderation, the nymph was musing. We read each other's mind. Dior was musing on the starry sky, an encyclopedia. Would the stars chorus in harmony, in a globular cluster? What is in the new little world of the new orange globe? It is an imaginary planet created by a fairy. Probably, someday we will fly to the small planet as our space station. Someday a nymph would be on duty in the cozy planet. Now some volcanos are erupting and orange mists are rising in the sky.

        "We will plant some green seeds on the small planet, so that the air will turn fresh. " I said.

         Dior nodded in consent, smiling at us.

         We flew in a flock, whirling and fluttering among snowflakes and wind. The frosty sky turned moist, and rosy mists arouse among silvery summits. Brooks were clinking and ice chunks were sliding down reddish, brown cliffs. We swooped among deep, craggy cliffs, thickly covered with greeneries. We flew over rich valleys, covered with rich black soil and rusty leaf litter. Strawberries and mulburries grew in the shrubs, and violets hid among cliffs.

        We played with our silvery winged ball in our glade. Gene and Milo snatched the flying ball, and Doris caught the ball not quite fluently. Diana looked at the ball curiously, dodging from the quick ball. Clare kicked the ball with barefeet. The mole was watching us, holding three rot apples in his hands. He was talking with some squirrels. Two gray squirrels joined our game, popping here and there in green canopy and snatching the ball with their paws. 

        For lunch, together with a tiny green sprouting leaf, we collected air, light and put them in a sack. Leaf made sugar with air, light and water. Then energetic star seeds made fire in a cave. We roasted some fresh eggs and baked potatoes. Cora brought us some goat cheese and barley bread. We also had hazelnuts and acorns for lunch. We returned to our Attic in the afternoon.

       Jerome said we could start from our favorite subjects each day. Ray choose astronomy, star gazing and geometry. I chose flying and PE. Doris selected geology and the small new planet. Our winged ball game was also our PE lesson. We like exersicing our body and playing in a group. 

      Milo and Dior was flipping the pages of books in silence, reading with great interest. Clare was still playing outside with all the little animals, talking to them. I was reading an encyclopedia on the pictures of stars.

       For supper, Cora made human food for us. She always brings human food to our tree hole.Previously, for several generations, the gods and goddesses could only eat ambrosia, honey,  bones and fat. And they could only drink icor. Cora said she was fed up with ambrosia each day. However, we are in a new era on a new planet. We are descendants of minor gods and goddesses. I am just a nymph born in nature. And I would eat anything delicious. 

        Cora's friend, Vester, always visited human households, smelling and marveling at human food. Vester kept recipes and Cora always read her recipes. After reading and learning, Cora would cook delicious human food for us. For supper, Cora cooked walnut cake. Cora used her wand to barter egg whites. Then she roasted the large cake with the stars' pots and stoves. Place walnut peanut strawberries on the cake. Cora also brought us apple jams, strawberry jams and a sack of corn kernals preserved last autumn. 

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