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In Memory of Mr He

77 views. 2021-3-30 16:05

Not long ago my several classmates and I went to Mr He's funeral. Mr He was our middle school teacher who taught maths, and who was in charge of our whole class. He died of heart attack when it was all too early for him. When we got there, his wife was crying painfully, so one of our girls gave her a tight embrace. His nephew, who was also in our class before, told us He's son had other business, and received us politely and seriously.


I felt it luck to know well the custom of attending a funeral. I went around Mr He's remains pace by pace, and halfway in front of the memorial tablet offered three sticks of incense, whose fire was nearly quenched as sparks, and to make it only by waving the sticks instead of blowing them was acceptable. After I finished the slow time, there would be two cushions. The big one was for me to kowtow for three times to the deceased, the other small was toward me, and He's nephew was too busy to kowtow in return.  


Mr He has passed away, but his virtue extends to generations of his students who have been later successful, even though they were not the most excellent when He taught them. On the contrary, as his favorite student who studied best, I seem to be a good-for-nothing for the present. In the schooldays, every time Mr He met me, he highly praised me; it helped me win a good name. I realize that I could disappoint him, though I would never hear his criticism.


The red cash was inserted into a plain white envelop. Flowers twined the wreath that we bought. We sent the two things to He's wife, being aware they are impossible to reach Mr He, but only to comfort his relatives.

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