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66 views. 2021-11-26 13:32

Everyone is affected with vanity, which is made use of by successful people, and slave the people of failure. So the attitude towards vanity should not be escape, but taking advantage of it.


There is no one in the world who stands by you closer than an intimate relative. When they think of you, it’s like that your life is bonded to theirs. Whatever happens, your father and mother protect and rear you while if your life is done with theirs, you lose the greatest love in the universe.


If you have real appetite for something, your excellence in it should not first be from others’ comments, but from pleasing yourself by prior evaluation of your works which, if only you favour, couldn’t be more excellent however others regard as being inferior, as is the point you are sure to believe.


If a man is not adept in reading, he would miss the most fortunate path to gain talent. The very high status of reading in ones life is self-evident. Reading is the process of relish, which disagrees with quantity and feeling serious.


Accept the fact that you are ordinary on your own, and live the everyday life as common as it is. Who can be so much glorious actually? Life of a man is only once, so dont lose your life for the last of it which is vanity, but as a whole anxious and unpleasant.


I am afraid of loneliness, in which I am left out, and to which death is the closest. Things however opposed to death—the affections that realize the interaction of people, would arouse in me the confidence and passion for life.


How to be someone who deserves the love of opposite sex? To be possessed with the height of heart and that of the spirit, the former of which admires love, and the latter reveres life. In front of love a sublime artist one should be.

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