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Random Thoughts 8

126 views. 2022-4-30 14:46

A depression sufferer may have a dull figure, because he is always having contemplation in brain. Once a subject of problem is tackled, he will raise his head and watch in straight direction, as if he would never be depressed any more. But when another subject follows up, he becomes a dull sage again.


There are many affairs like the occasion of wine in which only casual sips are enjoyable. He who is abandoned in drinking as forfeit will seemingly solve many problems except his own true pleasure.


A man who lives an unutterable life is always observing the positivity of others and the negativity of himself, which may be worse when all the else know to veil the most pains they have taken.

People are distinguished by their cognition, of which there are three levels: the attitude as how you judge, the intellection as how you reflect, and the motive as how you behave. The accurate self-cognition is to objectively handle one’s own defects as well as merits, and know the genuine self in a sober mind.


There is magnetic field between one another, and you are the kind of person by the people you meet. They are complex and stubborn while your cognition is low, and while it is high they are simple and flexible. Only by constantly upgrading cognition can one meet more excellent people and have a more beautiful vision.


It is hard to imagine a life without goals, because everybody cherishes desire. But one has to put down the illusion that he can fly like a bird or dive with gills, or he would be definitely falling or drown to death.


The only way to live without regret is "Don't regret." Believe everything you do has a share of constructive effect, and those you haven't done in your plan will make room for the other things.


It is lot we receive, and is fate we lose. To receive is content, and to lose is light. Whatever happens, face it with an ordinary heart. Over time you will find that good fortune comes after an open heart, and God has well arranged for everything.


Fame and wealth should be known as mere worldly possessions, and are not worth a hair compared with life of one’s own. Make light of them and live spontaneously, so that the wrong choices would not be made.


The circles you are close to make the life you would compose. It is never more important to walk on the earth while surrounded by positive people, since life is but a span it is wise to stay away from those who deplete you.


However the young show filial respect for the aged in both attitude and deeds, the elders will always dote on their grandchildren in a humble manner rather than a condescending one.


It is much easier to fall in love than make true friends, since lovers are ninety percent connected by hormone while friends are the same percentage by sharing common spirit.


The more knowledgeable a man is, the more unaffected he is by those who excitedly preach, and it is only possible to take him in by lack of confidence that supports his knowledge.

The plenty of fortune could make up for the scarcity of spirit but never vice versa. Who believes it is absurd but quite a truth? Most people are unhappy because they are poor, but only a few are distressed for short of everything but money.


I can never hurt myself because I never regret having a big mouth to speak about myself. To be cautious with words and acts is applied to presenting others, but not beneficial for telling whom we sincerely are.

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