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Shares the function of good example
2010-4-18 07:36
I like to read the articals that written by YuMinHong,and i did read many of them and got much from them,for instance,in the artical that relative to the educations about children,he shared an important point with us,that was the function of setting an example to children.In the artical he said ...
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Shares what i want to get?
2010-4-18 06:37
Recently i was thinking about what i want i want to get.What the real life is all about? YuMinHong said:what the most interesting thing in life is pursuiting what u don't have but u want to own.yeah,life won't become beautiful unless it is imperfect,so what we need to do is that we should do ...
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Shares god bless Qinghai
2010-4-14 17:10
Today ,Xi'an was snowing,when i got up and looked through the window ,i saw it was all white outside.It was amazing,it was April,and it snowed? So the tempreture was very low,about 7 degrees.About 8 o'clock,i got a piece of news online from my telephone that an earthquake took place in a to ...
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Shares confused
2010-3-21 07:01
What happend to me? It's that man who didnot call home back for several weeks? i shouted from my deep heart:no no no .......i don't wanna be that!
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Shares sweet smile
2010-3-14 16:45
Today our premier Wenjiabao met with journalists in and abroad.In the reception of journalist,premier Wen always kept full of sweet smile,faced to the questions of many journalists,Wen answered it regularly and patiently ,from one to another.The reception last more than tw ...
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Shares a special day
2010-3-14 07:16
A special day,why i say so,coz today is 14,March,it's about the lovers who send presents to each other.In the book,we call it the White Valentin's Day.In my personal opinion,the "white" stands for purity,it means the love of two people is purity,love is not the combinition of two pers ...
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Shares in Japanese lessons
2010-3-13 06:29
Last night i went to class,it was lessons of Japanese.In the class,the teacher did not teach us so much knowledge about Japanese,instead,she tought us a lot of theory about life,how to face problems ,and she tought Japanese,but knew so much life rules,full of knowledge.I think s ...
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Shares how to get lunch?
2010-3-11 21:21
Today at noon i went to had lunch,after i came to the restaurant,i saw so many students in it .they some were stood in line ,waiting for their turn,and some were moving among the flow of people.I knew it was hard to have my lunch coz so many people were waiting.every time when at noon,there ...
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Shares so tired
2010-3-7 21:01
Today i did some shopping in the center of xi'an.Haven't been there for a long time,so wanted to have a look at it.I bought a coat ,it's cold now in xi'an.I spent about three hours there,i was really tired,my leg seemed to be out of my controul.
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Shares who can make me strong?
2009-12-21 22:54
Haven't written diary for days,not because i have nothing to say,instead,i have so many to express,daily live or emotion. i feel low temper these days ,however ,i can not find the reasons.I am tired of studying,when in classroom ,my heartwas out,and i was sleepy often. ...
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