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  • GenderFemale
  • Birthday1990 - 3 - 4
  • Birthplace陕西 西安
  • Residence陕西 西安
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I need urs help! 2011-02-16
Recently, our company  have a series of revesion.Some important document must change the edition into English,so here is a sentence in the doc ...
(811) Views|(8) Replies
Interview 2010-10-16
In the end of the month,i will have a inte rview,but i 'm afraid i will make some mistakes ,i don't have any experiences about it. Who can t ...
(590) Views|(4) Replies
Theses days interview will drive me mad 2010-10-16
I shall be gradu ated frome university,sometimes i will be  very happily ,because i will left my study life,i hope to be a white collar.But no ...
(624) Views|(6) Replies
translate 2010-06-13
Today in  our  translation  class,our  teacher  talking  sth  about  "pingpang",here  i  wanna  ...
(666) Views|(9) Replies
oral examination 2010-06-09
Today,i  take  part  in  the  oral  english  examination,my  number is  36,the  teacher  said& ...
(655) Views|(13) Replies

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possible 2011-12-30 15:01
hi.. am wangbaowei,from zhangzhou fujian,,,nice to meet you
liudan89 2011-12-24 14:52
fangfeline 2011-12-3 18:10
nail: just so so ,how about u !
Thank you for ur care.The same to u.
fangfeline 2011-8-10 10:56
hello,how are u doing these days?
winner 2011-2-17 21:16
Jessfon 2011-1-27 23:49
Hi 2011-1-20 17:03
hi,you are bigger to me 3 day ,(*^__^*)
raicy 2011-1-19 17:10
nail: hello,glad to see u here
Hi. Nice to meet you too.
Anordinarygirl 2010-12-21 21:19
nail: why so called me the legendary "90s"
haha,you were born after the 1990
Anordinarygirl 2010-12-4 23:09
wow, you are the legendary '90s'
winner 2010-10-5 13:19
nail: what's wrong with u
i don't have time to chat
linjiaotou 2010-9-28 13:32
nail: hello,glad to see u
yeah,glad to see you too~
winds 2010-8-29 21:00
wow,u are major in English ,learn from u !
Eileenhuang 2010-6-21 00:24
nail: hello
Happy have you new friend exchange views and news.
reik 2010-6-19 11:25
nail: hello,glad to  see u
玄人志向 2010-6-13 17:14
nail: the  kid  is  so  cute
Thanks.  I am cute as same as my daughter. Hahahah
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