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Shares i knew i should relax
2011-10-21 16:44
I don;t know how to balance my mood, should i feel be sad or relax? Even though i have someone dating with(A), he is fine, know how to care me, teach me lots of life sense, it's so hard to forget him(B) who i love once. Admitting that i feel satisfied with(A), the only matter i care is that we a ...
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Shares one big day
2011-9-7 14:08
today is my bosstress' birthday! maybe 49 or 48! but a liitle young and pretty face, CaWaYi dressings like typical Japanese( she married with Boss=Japanese gentleman, also with long time spared in Japanese) In the morning, Front desk staff and i went to cake hut and bought one blueberry cake. a ...
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Shares sth
2011-7-12 10:44
hello everyone! long time no see! what's sth in your leisure time! recently much more sheets waiting for handling! even felt sth tired! more worse i often made the same mistake which i had been teached by boss! how can that be! it's just me! quiet and careness appearance but actually loosen-mind. ...
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Shares MicroBlog
2011-3-22 14:17
Those days i was addicted in blog, like Tencent and Sina. lots of funny cold jokes, new opinions and different people, there, we critisize others writtings and share common interstings, funny. Especially nowadays more and more people pay their attention to this forum, cebrities no matter in mov ...
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Shares Failure motion
2011-1-27 11:10
Once i wirote that: Thinking over the day eating with u, the day playing with u, happy and pure feeling, but now my thought just let it by like one commic dramma. a little relax welcomed me, passing days love imageing his picture, his gesture,face etc, all my day went painfully which i cann't ...
357 views|5 replies
Shares snow again
2011-1-18 12:20
snow, how i love her! maybe cause i was born in Sep, which day wassnowing heavily( my Dad told me). when i grow up, still had special feeling with snow. white and pure. hehe! Just wanna say: How about your day going? New year's coming! smile..hehe
408 views|17 replies
Shares bad manner recently
2011-1-17 17:04
who knows why lots of complaints along with me, no reasonable excuse. lkie that: when isee sth trigered by others words,i became mad, all the time i think i could deal with issues by myself. if without others help, i would be ok. but several days ago, one thing happened: I decided to buy o ...
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Shares Chirstmas Eve
2010-12-24 13:57
Merry Christmas! Lot's of fruits have u gotten, large changes u have been, more experience or knowledge u have learnt, more money u have earned....hehe! lot's of question i wanna talk. even it's not the last dayof 2010 in China, it's greatfestival of Christmas for foreigh countristma ...
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Shares 2 files of translation exhausted me a little
2010-12-21 14:58
Untill now i've done 2 tasks which for my friends' help. one long and one short. Never thought that i would be tired by this 2 matters, in passed time that's just one piece of cake. am i old? But one thing is true, my vocabulary is too narrow to write in one go. God, i must go and memory wor ...
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Shares do...
2010-12-20 16:29
once i saw the writings my friends u writen, i could learnand remember lots of words, which i couldn't beused in my articles and maybe i'v forgotten them. by your reminding, i pick it up again. thanks! now i'm sitting in the office, wondering and browsing, no matters todeal wit ...
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