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Shares Autumn's fat crabs inspire us
2010-10-11 12:58
Autumn's fat crabs inspire us
Lake crabs, river crabs, salt-water crabs? They are getting prime space at the seafood stalls right now. Pauline D. Loh shows you how to get the best out of the crustaceans. Poets wax lyrical and artists get inspired by these unlikely creatures. Not exactly things of great beauty, crabs lo ...
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Shares One home, one dream
2010-10-9 14:18
The new rule that Shanghai announced on Thursday, to allow local families to purchase only one new home each for the time being, at a first glance, bears little resemblance to adroit policymaking. Such a blanket restriction seems neither an effective measure to cool surging property prices no ...
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Shares Happiness will create harmony
2010-10-9 13:55
Chinese people need not only affluence, but also a real feeling of security and a greater sense of equality to be truly happy Happiness is based on security. It is unimaginable that someone lacking a sense of security can enjoy a sustained happy experience. So, if we turn that around, a sense ...
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Shares we are poor.....
2010-9-21 17:06
WHY ARE WE SO POOR? The deeper gab we are in. Consider this point, someone would never complain their poor material properties, especially for those who are rich once their burn or those who have abundant money to spend. We all admire their destiny, if you ask them how muc ...
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Shares what can i do
2010-8-24 16:05
Last frinday i back home, one part becas i miss my family,another i need to have a break. Never remmerber how i talked about the topic of my job, my aucle asked me happily: which kind of company are you in? National or Private? i said the real situation: in one small private trading company, whe ...
528 views|8 replies
Shares so angry
2010-8-24 15:39
i want to shout at her, scrach her skin, fire her, what the hell she is? Just now she my colleage asked me to give her the invoice and the total money of one goods for buying insurance, i answered "ok, no problem" before that i had told her to change the number of the invoice, several minute ...
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Shares Collective contracts sought for workers' rights
2010-7-9 15:59
Collective contracts as part of an effective negotiation mechanism between workers and employers will help mitigate labor unrests that have hit parts of the country recently, the All China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) said on Thursday. "The signing of collective contracts is key to protec ...
242 views|5 replies
Shares Social networking boom triggers privacy worry
2010-7-9 14:59
Social networking sites (SNS) are fast becoming the number one method for many Chinese people to communicate with others, while concerns over individual privacy mounts, according to a report on the development of new media in China issued Wednesday. The huge number of Chinese SNS users accumu ...
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Shares China's World Cup dream will come true: Soccer boss
2010-7-9 14:52
The Chairman of the Chinese soccer sport's ruling body has expressed confidence that China will one day make a successful bid for a future World Cup, according to a report in the Qilu Evening News. Speaking during an unexpected street interview in Cape Town, Wei Di, the chief put in charge of ...
284 views|13 replies
Shares Emotional Intelligence 情商的12个方面
2010-7-6 16:29
自从丹尼尔·戈尔曼写了《情商》这本书,这个主题似乎自动进入了全世界的成功学领域。但究竟什么是情商?为什么它如此重要? 其实原因显而易见。许多人发现他们在传统的领域获得了成功,但仍不满足。创造生命的价值需要有强大的人际关系,而强大的人际关系需要情商的支撑。 那么,究竟怎样才能造就较高的情商?我 ...
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