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Shares For love or leisure, let the question be
2010-7-6 16:17
Ask a girl if she would rather weep in the backseat of a BMW of her sugar daddy or laugh riding a bike together with her true love, and she will either be amused, or give you a nasty look and walk away. The question of money and love has boiled over into a national debate after guests ...
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Shares 2010 China Senior Test
2010-6-28 17:28
2010 6 6-7-8 the most important days, all the students will leap out their feet into university gate with relief and happy attitude. while the three days are nervous for the puples. Good promising or bad will be bet on these critical days. whether all the knowledge they'v learnt in the 12 years lon ...
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Shares Chinese Premier visits flood-hit Jiangxi Province
2010-6-25 13:35
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao visited flood-hit Fuzhou City in the eastern province of Jiangxi on Thursday to inspect the fight against flooding and review disaster relief work. Despite heavy rains, Wen paid visits to local residents who suffered from floods, as well as military, police and firefigh ...
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Shares busy&no ideas=abusing
2010-5-27 12:48
From the time i came this company i was studying and studying,no mission,no pressure.everything seemed to be normal,even boring. the passion for going and busying pushed me again and again. But just now it bacame bad and disorder... I know i need to be more activities though there were not so ma ...
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Shares increase salary
2010-5-24 13:01
this noon my college told me the new comer came here with the basic salary double than mine. OMG!!! terrible uncomfortable. though i just stepped into this office less than half a month, hearing that i was upset, no so passion for this company ,this position for me. how can i have a talk with my bo ...
501 views|29 replies
Shares i got a job
2010-5-13 13:00
Tuesday i recieved a call to require me to have a interview for an position of english translator in a Japanese company. surprising!!! so wear well and prepare my resume well. here i go!!! while the distant made me a little tired but the passion for hunting a job and money persued me go on. after a ...
447 views|15 replies
Shares be abused and cring
2010-5-4 16:10
just now my dear dad phoned me,ordered mr back Shanghai to find an position like a job with terriable tone shouting at me. fear!!! i know he just cares me a lot.but i don't give up to working. the only thing i want to do is to use this holiday to visit some friends. from 2days ago to now. ori ...
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Shares long time no write here.
2010-4-23 12:42
it has been about one month i hadn't said sth right here. Havn't seen your friends writings,don't know how are you going recently."Everyone is fine,happy?" haha!!! Those days i was busy in my lessons, early in the morning,late in the evening,flow between in the classroom and cantee.right, ...
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Shares confusing make me change my mind.....
2010-3-22 08:12
Luckyly i'v got some part time job as translator, whilelots of students want to do,it'll be a good chance to practise our orall english and our instant reflaxiation both in orall and witten english. another important part is that i could earn momey for my basic living support,especially at pr ...
465 views|14 replies
Shares so tired
2010-3-19 13:05
Again this morning my elder classmate called me to take a task of interpretation like few days ago,tha matter of time overwhelms everything,sth wrong happened beyond controll. you know the period between 8-9:30 a.m is the peak time for workers who hurry to office.every roads had been thronged by c ...
385 views|15 replies

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