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Shares sayings
2010-3-16 17:36
1. Never say die. 永不言败。 2.Never too old to learn, never too late to turn. 亡羊补牢,为时未晚。 3.New wine in old bottles. 旧瓶装新酒。 4.No cross, no crown. 不经历风雨,怎么见彩虹。 5.No garden without its weeds. 没有不长草的园子 ...
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Shares failure
2010-3-14 16:43
this morning i got over my test, . in the part of listening my radio didn't work well,i didn't how could it be, once i moved even i picked up my pen ,there was some strange sound reached to my ears,just like the sound you hear in the noisy street. anxiously i looked other students reactions whet ...
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Shares sleeping after eating full??
2010-3-7 13:30
just now i had my lunch,chicken with spicy pepper!hehe! my favourite cuisine. nice cooking with hot pepper and fresh meat. delicious! so i ate it up! But a sense of dizzy came up to my brain over eating, admitted that i was full. looking at my books mindis absent,i just want ...
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Shares a chance
2010-3-4 16:50
this early day i got a phone from my elder classmate, she asked me to take a part job oftemprery translation within 2 hours as she was busy doing other translation tasks. i was excited for that news and hurried to there. about 8:36 she called me and said me getting there's horrified e ...
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Shares unfortunately
2010-3-3 17:03
Unfortunately i was tripped by a girl fell to the ground this early morning when i hurried totoilet without clear concious, How worse it is! Now my both knees are painfull, black and blue. Remember that i stood up and went straight on the porch, squinting my eyesas to look if there ...
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Shares advanced interpretation tests....
2010-3-2 10:00
March 14th there is a fierce competition coming with difficulte rubrics,as well as hard words and long sentesnces confusing me .Latest days i watched some english newspapers like China Daily,lots of words i did not remmember ,even i forgot the words of TEC6.God!!! now few days rest,how can i increa ...
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Shares marriage
2010-2-27 23:07
Deprived from China Daily: Which kind of Marriage would you like to do? My choice is Church Marriage and Naked Marriage. I choose church but I’m not a bit religious. I’m also not that kind of guy who worships foreign things. I just don’t like noise, and church is quiet. Only a f ...
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Shares crazy for help!!!
2010-2-26 12:09
Now my situation is terrible: First, i dismissed my former job in the condition thatno telling tomy parent. they think i'm working now and have salary enough to support they do not give me money,well if i have a job,i completely do not need their support; Second, the tex ...
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Shares must learn more..
2010-2-26 11:52
yesterday i went to meet an interview which about Expo.he is an French.obviously his english is so so. thoughhave some accentcause i could hear clearly one by one.firstly he told me what their intention for doing this to prepare for Expoand why they need to hire some staffs,as wel ...
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Shares do u believe destiny?
2010-2-24 17:33
we all as the genenation of 80's are not rich, u know? seeing the news and radioes ,it's said that half of them have not definate weath like house, a benifitable job,a stable life and so on in this terrible sociery.can we say we are the weak generation? so some of my friends hurry to have a astr ...
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