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How to keep a peaceful mind when faced with the complex outside world?

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The society nowadays is so different from the past, which seems to be a little disappointed. Especially for our generation after the late 1980s, we have been trapped in a rather embarrassed situation.

The well development of our country makes it possible to create much better living conditions. More and more families are able to pay more attention to their children’s education and to provide them with better education. As a consequence, a great number of students are in pursuit of higher degree, and some even go abroad to accomplish their study. So, what’s the result? More so-called high-quality graduates come into being, while competitions become extremely fierce, it seems that getting a job is the last test for all our education. Compared with those who do not have a job or on the way to find one, I am a lucky person. Maybe, not all of my peers would have the same feeling as me, but to be honest, before I got a job, I had never thought of what I did really want as a response to my education. After work, I have more reflections.

I start to wonder whether our decades of education are just rewarded by only a job or constraint to a job. What do we get education for? I remember that when I was young, I once dreamed to be a teacher to convey all I had learnt to my students or to be a doctor to save more people’s lives. While, as I get more education, I gradually find that things could not go as I think, and my dreams are devoured little by little by the circumstance around me. After primary school, I was distributed to a very common high school according to the test scores. And affected by the teachers and classmates, I felt like high scores was the only way to get into a good college, so I was concentrated on study only, not even wasting one minute. After high school, I successfully entered a good college, while I was distributed to an unfamiliar major. Four years’ study did not light my passion for my major, and I even did not know where those I had learnt could be used. Before graduation, encouraged by my classmates intending to get higher education, I also decided to have a try ignoring my families’ hope for a job after graduation. Under great pressure but luckily, I was finally admitted by a rather excellent research institute. I would never forget how glorious and proud I feel when I was notified, and so did my family and classmates. Without any goal, I started my postgraduate study, and I was nearly tortured to an extreme point by the boring and difficult thesis, still I did not have time to think about what I did want, and I also felt that I seemed to have no choice because I had been trapped in a traditional system. After getting my master degree, I did not have even a little thinking about Ph.D, but found a job with my entire endeavor. Again, I would never forget how excited I felt when I got a job from fierce competitions. However, that was not the final relief. I successfully became a staff in the scientific research field, but it did not go very well. After work, I for the first time had a reflection for myself and had a look at my work, I found that I was still overwhelmed despite of years of major study, and my work was somewhat boring and disappointing. What let me feel disappointed about include not very well scientific research atmosphere, unsatisfying managing system, complex and non-transparent relationships, more important about the poor salary. Not for one time, I persuade myself to try to love my career and settle down my mind to devote to the scientific research. But I find it is too hard, I couldn’t ignore those let me disappointed, the outside world around me is so disturbing. Without thinking about the material things, I may be more concentrated in my work, but I did not see any hope when thinking of the atmosphere and entire system. But the reality is I am faced up with pressures from family, from the threatening house prices, from peers who live much better than me, from the unfair system, then how I could keep a peaceful mind in my work. While now, except for staying the same, I could not figure out what I can do. Surely, I still have the right to make a choice, but I think any decision should be based on comprehensive thinking and sufficient capability. So before I am qualified and equipped with those conditions, I would like to accept the reality and adopt a better attitude to deal with those problems.

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Reply Huaxia 2017-5-18 20:55
do what you thinking ,you want, you willing! many people didn't have high education,you are luckier and more powerful than others,the ways you can choose more than others too……

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