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rock and roll

567 views. 2009-12-25 11:21

Black Sabbath is the best rock band followed by Led Zepplin ... I had a beer one night in Shanghai with Cui Tian and although he was a nice man he didn't have that sufferage and damaged look of a Kieth Richards ... he was playing with a very old German rocker named Udo Lindenberg and Udo looked like the walking dead ... this is how real rock stars look ... Iggy pop was just given an award for "living legend" and also inducted into the "rock & roll hall of fame "... these people are truly rock stars ... so my message is that although there are some rock stars in China ... we need more! eneough of this as they say in Australia mamby pampy pulp pop ... such as Wo ai ni-nibu ai wo ... rubbish ... its time to show some snot, sweat, real effort! Listen to the the American rock band "Tool" I especially like an older song called "Sober "... Check it out ... its time for China to rock! the old rock star MrVan!

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Reply Samaritan 2009-12-25 11:49
haha, sing a song for us now?
Reply Jimbo 2010-1-23 15:28
I couldn't agree more. Smoke, drink, and kickass. Tool is an amazing band, saw them live once. Amazing stage show for sure.
Reply Oldguypeter 2010-3-29 22:16

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