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How to be a time controller?

179 views. 2017-5-16 12:16 | especially, difficult, situation, schedule, control

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I felt so terrible this morning. It’s a very difficult thing to get up so early, especially when I got to bed so late the day before.

To control your time is a very tough job. It’s very hard to eliminate your laziness and manage your daily schedule. Mostly you will be distracted from TV series, games. When you are addicted to those entertainments, you are not easy to withdraw from the situation. And follow up your schedule accordingly.

How to be a time controller? I believe firstly you must make a reasonable schedule. The schedule should not be so tight, either too loose. You have to figure out what the purpose of the schedule is so as to check if it is the result as you expected. Beside a schedule, you also should make a rule that publish yourself if you can’t strictly abide by the schedule. Of course, you can also stipulate a reward if you do a good job.


Secondly, you’d better find a helper from your intimate relationship, for example, your boyfriend or girlfriend, who can oversee you and remind you what should do now and what should do next. It may be very annoying at the beginning, but as time by, you will get used to the rules. And follow the schedule by yourself without other’s help any more.


The last but not least, for whatever your schedule is, you must make up your mind firstly and always cheer yourself up while you are making an effort. Your perseverance, and your patience, will definitely foster a good habit that will favor your whole life.



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