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The more friends you get on line, the fewer friends you will have around you

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In the wake of Internet social platform is getting more mature and convenient. There’s a lot of people reply on Internet to make friends. Recently, the more friends you get on line, the fewer friends you will have around you, such kind of comments are becoming a very hot topic, arising also many complaints on the treats of internet.


One coin has two sides. As far as I’m concerned, all things bring us merits as well as drawbacks. To some extent, it’s no doubt that internet is a very convenient means for us to easy making friends. The very popular friends making platformS and appS, in domestic such as Wechat, QQ, Weibo. In international, such as Skype, Line, Whatsapp. These kind of internet inventions are not only easy for us to make friends in life but also to expand business friend relationship as well. The most conspicuous reason is Internet friends making is more funny and efficient. It helps us easily to get to know each other soon and break ice stone to talk to each other deeply. Admittedly, the internet is helped us to make more friends. However, the internet increasingly replaces the traditional ways, such as writing a letter diligently to keep contact with friends, regularly reunion face to face. The internet shorten the distance between friends that is convenient people to talk and contact, which not be shorten is distance as well because it still exists in our real life.


All in all, it can make a safe conclusion, with internet booming in our life, and people are addicted to making friends online, actually manifest a fact that fewer friends have around. 

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