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8th of October 2015-10-08
8th October 2015, Thursday Heart beats strongly when I revisited my English blog center and reviewed the last latest blog thread seconds ago. Times fly. Who knows what the past me had said in the entries…En, I reckon I am afraid of the ...
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11th of September 2013-09-10
11th of September, Tuesday    Sunny   Today did scare me a lot these days. It had been my big concern. In fact, I dreamed of them two last night. Kevin, our technical depart manager, shown up as a sexy lady in my w ...
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3rd of September 2013-09-10
3rd of September, Tuesday   Cloudy   Will next Wednesday see my leaving the company?   This question struck my mind when I heard “James and Kevin will come to Guangzhou next Tuesday” from Bill. ...
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24th of August 2013-08-24
24th of August, Saturday  Rainy   I was the earliest one who left the office yesterday, at 5:30 pm.   “ 咁我走先啦。 ” stuffed all the files into the bag, I summoned the courage to stand up and say g ...
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19th of August 2013-08-19
19th of August, Monday    cloudy   “Your English, either in oral or written form, is not the best of all the candidates.” Bill said to me with a smile on his face.   My hands twisted togethe ...
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fairy0612 2014-8-7 10:19
ly.identity: Still in Guangzhou. Have been this city since graduation.
And you are in?
Qingdao    Long time no see..
fairy0612 2014-6-12 16:27
Where have you been, dear LY?
Sally_Fan 2013-6-19 22:54
ly.identity: It seems there areages since our last contact. Before today Sally to me is always the beauty dressed in a red dress. But now you avarar changed and no ...
   Of course, I remember you, yes, I am a mother now, to study to become a good mother is a long way and a long time, so I disappear until my daughter a little older, now I can have more time to be myself.
bluebird 2013-6-18 13:00
ly.identity: Just now, when i opened ‘blog', few names i recognized. Then i turened to ‘friend’s blog’, still not so many. Like what you said, some’s gone and ...
It's just one word "outgrow"....
bluebird 2013-6-17 18:25
Your planet is handsome!
fairy0612 2011-12-17 20:27
ly.identity: Wow, all my comments!
Here is another one: you are back.
Yes, ha, you almost are the only one to leave footprints on my wall. It is your field
Sharer 2011-11-19 21:43
Looooong time no see! Anyway. I won't forget u! Thanks for your good wishes! Hope we both have a bright future!
snowflying 2011-11-10 08:12
rich 2011-10-10 18:59
ly.identity: Happy birthday, Mr. Rich!~
thank you! sooo glad to receive your greetings on my birthday. thank your for being so nice. hehe. have a good evening.
snowflying 2011-10-9 19:52
have a good mood,good learning,good date,good luck.
O'Bright 2011-6-11 12:24
ly.identity: Good morning~
Have a sunny day~
O'Bright 2011-6-11 00:27
2010jj 2011-6-5 20:45
like your big smile!
MRyang 2011-4-17 22:31
ly.identity: ~~
I don't have any special feelings towards me Helen or 梁莹 is ok, Mr.Yang~
ok,but Mryang...i dont me,"xiao Z"
MRyang 2011-4-17 11:23
ly.identity: How about "内有恶犬把守的人间美食"?
maybe,"恶犬"is anther “美食" to some love dogs?so dont me be a cruel men....just call your honey dog to do anyting else...I am hungry now....
MRyang 2011-4-16 22:44
ly.identity: Wakakaka!~
so,you can comfot me,when you say,"内有美食"
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