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3rd of September

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3rd of September, Tuesday   Cloudy


Will next Wednesday see my leaving the company?


This question struck my mind when I heard “James and Kevin will come to Guangzhou next Tuesday” from Bill. We just back from lunch then.


“Kevin comes also?” Alun asked. I’ve met neither James nor Kevin, though I sent a hello letter to them separately in my first working day. James is one-man army in HK; Kevin is a technician and works in Thailand: this is all I learn from the chatting between Alun, Freeman and Cent.


“Yes. And they will arrive at Guangzhou in the Tuesday afternoon and –”


“Whatever they wanna eat, I will take them there.” Apparently knowing what Bill was going to say, Alun said quickly.


“Yah. They say they will come to the office and talk with you all. They want to know the operation in Guangzhou office. I will try to back to GZ in the Tuesday evening so that on Wednesday I can meet them myself.” Bill’s vocation begins from tomorrow in HK and then on next Monday he has a lot of work to do in HK.


The word “operation” sacred me, in fact. Will they think I am unnecessary because there’re not so many projects recently due to the inactive investment/cooperation from USA? And when they come next Wednesday, will them call me alone in to the office and say to me “sorry but against current business, we think our original manpower is enough”.


I mean it. Today is the third Monday I stayed in Spectrum, but as like what happened in the past two weeks, no assignment is assigned. We are all idler. But the only difference is they are browsing news websites or watching Youtobe while I am studying the reports that I got in my first day. Though with no assignment, from the report I read, I know I need to work hard so that the distance between them and me can be covered and one day, when no project, I can enjoy my time by reading news article or writing blog…


But, how will James and Kevin think?


I was tortured by this question for a whole afternoon until, until—


“Helen, be prepared for next Wednesday.” my heart jumped to my throat when Bill said to me upon his leaving.


“Prepared for?” do mental preparation for leaving the company?


“You are new here and James must want to know you more. Introduction briefly. About your previous job and the like. Take it easy.” Bill smiled and left the office with the bag in his right hand.


Be prepared for introduction? So, so, Bill means I need to practice my oral English for the next Wed? for introduction but not for dismiss ion?


All my worried was gone at the moment. ^_^


Forgive me. Different kinds of thoughts will come to my mind when I get nervous or worried, like what occurred last night….


“I can’t bring you supper tonight. I have otherwise engaged. Business matter.” About 6 o’clock I got Lee’s call in the metro.


“I see. Take care.” He is very busy these days since the company he works has its fair show and core projects and personnel receiving.


Assumed I would get his phone call around 8, but I was wrong. 8:30, no income calling, 9:30, no, 10:30, no, 12, no, 1, no…What happened to him? Did he get drunk and lost consciousness and thus didn’t call me? Or, did he met rogues in his late dark back home way and, and…none of them were good signs. And as the clock struck 1:30, I couldn’t help but jumped up and redress and rushed out to his dorm to check if he was back…on the way, every little noise, the sight rustle made by a mouse in the rubbish bin, the snore came from nearby open window, the dropping of water-drop, every little noise made my flesh creep, in that dark street…but, he was not on the bed. Where was he?


I kept calling him, kept messaging him. No response. Until 2:16, a message came: “睡着了。不知道这是哪里。” And the fact was, no rogues no bad things, but got very drunk, unable to move and thus his colleagues got a room in that hotel for him…


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