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  • Sharer teach me a lesson:If there are difficulties and setbacks ahead of us. We must go straight without any hesitation. Reply
  • should be more promote my English!! Reply
  • we will be better in our English level toghther! Reply
  • In DIOENGLISH,we will be better in our English level together! Reply
  • mini is my favourite.I like all the mini things.It will make the blog pretty and compact,direct and obvious. Reply
  • Real NameJOJO
  • GenderFemale
  • Birthday1988 - 7 - 16
  • Birthplace北京 丰台
  • Residence北京 丰台
  • Blood TypeB
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Somewhat sadness to myself 2010-03-26
These days I have to went some job interview,and gave some interview to some company.Though I made some failures and mistakes,I got many experi ...
(2391) Views|(51) Replies
Hello everyone,I will treasure you all in DIOEnglish~ 2010-03-18
From my enter in here the first time,it is just a month has gone.In these days,I make friends with too many friends,who are come from China or other ...
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the magic which I performed in January 2008 2010-03-01 the name of this magic is faceoff,do you like it?and do you know what conjure in it?     ...
(1267) Views|(17) Replies
I love the lantern festival! 2010-03-01
Now is midnight,the lantern festival is going just now.I ate some sweety dumplings and ignited(lighted up) a lantern outside.I am so surpr ...
(1239) Views|(17) Replies
I love my father!!! 2010-02-27
My father is a person who can not express his meaning completely.He has a defect that he is so stubborn that he don't care for whoever didn't agre ...
(1504) Views|(18) Replies

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Mimosa❤ 2010-11-10 22:27
I love QianJia--your photo~
Have you ever seen this cartoon?
Kjiang 2010-8-18 17:32
JOJO201: these days I always go to Haidian for job hunting~~
hi ,you want to go to Haidian for job?That is great ,you could find me ,haha~~~
jojocc 2010-4-24 09:28
nice to meet you ,jojo .my name is JOJO too,may i make a friend with you ?
elevenjing 2010-4-19 17:16
JOJO201: really?It is so fantacy!!
That's true,I have been your university.
Sharer 2010-4-14 22:11
HA~I am coming! You are busy!
Cilla 2010-4-8 12:06
hi~nice to meet you~
JackQI 2010-4-6 12:48
are you junior now?
Sharer 2010-4-6 00:03
Though the process is difficult. You should be confident in yourself. The confidence in youself is the first step on the road to success. I believe you! Go forward bravely!
elevenjing 2010-4-4 14:37
I  passed the art exam of North China University of Technology 3 years ago
Sharer 2010-4-3 00:00
JOJO201: oh no..I don not know who are you ...haha
I am Monkey escaped from Mars.
Sharer 2010-4-2 19:25
Happy tomb-sweeping day!
Caleb 2010-4-1 23:02
JOJO201: I like Duandian!and I mistake for your picture..haha
Handsome boy always attracts others' sight. hoho...
dddyiersan 2010-4-1 22:16
JOJO201: hi~nice to see you~!
Nice to see you too!
maygg25 2010-3-30 20:13
Caleb 2010-3-29 23:02
JOJO201: haha,so funny your avatar is~
Hins is a lovely boy...His songs are always skillful. Recommend you "Duandian", and "Guoyunyu" .
Sharer 2010-3-29 21:58
JOJO201: The best wishes for you my friend!I hope you will seize a chance just at one day in future!!
Thank you so much for your wishes!
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