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how to rescuse you, my company? 2009-08-16
recently, there have been great changes of personnels in our company, and the affairs of the company became very disordered. many many former c ...
(1366) Views|(19) Replies
long time no write anything here 2009-06-14
these days, i have been very busy, because of the company's new website. everyday, i have to collect informations, receive the visitors on the web, ...
(1100) Views|(15) Replies
our new company to be built 2009-05-20 (it's the design sketch of our new company, which has been p ...
(1093) Views|(10) Replies
a very interesting and difficult intelligence test 2009-05-05
today i found a very interesting and difficult intelligence test through the internet by accident.i have done it for quite a long time, but i ...
(1130) Views|(6) Replies
happy labor day! 2009-04-30
nowadays, under the serious employment pressure, we have to work hard to protect us from losing jobs, to earn more money, to make our li ...
(1415) Views|(16) Replies

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littlegrass 2010-9-24 10:02
On this warm occasion, one of the most simple to you my friend: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! I wonder whether my wishes can reach you. Let me drink a toast for my rriend with my best wishes.
Lifeidream 2010-8-28 13:53
Come here quietly and leave my best wishes..
littlegrass 2010-8-21 17:20
Very glad to be friends. Have a gooooood day and be happy with everyone and everything.
littlegrass 2010-8-15 10:01
Offer our sincerest and profoundest condolences to the victims as the disastrous debris flow and the best regards and expectations to the alive!
yyjjxx12345 2010-2-1 13:14
i add you as qq friend,hope you can give me a chance
MAVERICK 2009-12-25 09:45
Merry Christmas
jicheng687 2009-7-5 21:58
Good evening!
feng369feng 2009-6-1 21:10
the  head image is cute.ha-ha,want to make friends with you,ok?
yangzhou 2009-5-21 15:34
I am coming to see you
catnfish 2009-5-6 15:36
lovely I stop by to say thank you, and I mean it, a real thank you! I wish I could say it in front of your face!! :) have a great day there
catnfish 2009-5-6 13:52
hi hi lovely girl, I'm coming to say hi, and ask for a favor... if you could come and write on my blog"urgent call" a few words, Id be really grateful for that!!

Thanks beforehand and best wishes
catnfish 2009-4-21 16:53
cute profile image :)
Xue 2009-4-2 23:16
Your head image is so beautiful...
woods 2009-3-21 20:17
I upgraded once again in the Happyfarm.Thank you for your frequent favors. And happy birthday to you today!
sky-m 2009-3-21 20:03
thanks,That's very nice of you.
EmbonPoint 2009-3-21 19:57
winniefred: thank you!
Because of  Emglish all over the page, I could not recognise them at all.Give  me a warmhearted teaching please while something puzzled me
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