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the tip of the chain

247 views. 2017-4-21 16:25 | chain

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    I am totally confused in contrast to the confidence days ago.
    Actually my long-term evaluation ideology being challenged or collapsed that time that the business cooperation largely depends on the "resources" or "people connection". Yes, i agree that my boss is very good at in dealing business negotiation and experienced in knowing or finding the right angle to mediate which upgrades my views or skills along my way. And i also saw that girl very average with a high-ranking identity due to a good father. No, you are wrong, i may be a little envious but never cynical. Frankly that girl has a very modest and mature way during the whole business negotiation.
    Look at what i have got? A battered soul and a thorny, bemused way in front of me.
    I am writing the blog also to figure out what i will be going on.
    Yes, this is the best time of the era. The new mode of retailing in combination of "online +offline". Everyone is having a chance to be ahead in this choppy billow. New media merging, risk capital firing turmoil the torrential.
    What i want to do, it is very hard to answer also very easy to answer.--A controller.
    How could i be? What should i improve?
    Yes, subdivide what i lack and muster what i should master.
    Yes,  get down to business.
    Accumulation a very tough way, no one assure you that you are certain to success. But envisage what you should do, then do it.
    The fruit everyone wants to bite, but never in daydream.

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