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Shares Help! Help!
2011-9-3 18:55
Today I have encountered a puzzle that I'm confused about, and now I'm presenting here and please tell me which of the following is right, and WHY? I have made so little progress in English learning. I have made such little progress in English learning. Which above is right? I'm so confu ...
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Shares Real secrets to be happy!
2010-12-11 09:26
1. Be mindful in doing everything we should do well. 2. Everyone has a life of his own. 3. Don't always be against with ourselves. 4. Never be too much concerned about evaluation from others around us. 5. Might as well put all tr ...
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Shares Ten facts we should have kept in mind
2010-12-11 08:59
1. In reality, we have all been small potato. 2. As is known, money does not grow on trees, but unfortunately we are not willing to believe it. 3. Nobody on earth sells medicine to cure your regret, so personally, that's why we are so eager &nb ...
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Shares What's the real freedom?
2010-9-24 09:20
We thought that we would become a bird as long as we had wings, and thought we could have freedom of our own after becoming a bird. Butnowadays, in exactly actual fact, we can only fly in a small space, even though with the hope of the wings, eventually losing our desired f ...
1775 views|34 replies
Shares Learn to be grateful!
2010-9-24 09:05
When you are able to accommodate your past, feelingpainful for what you have paid for the emotional hurt, it is high time that you silently bore the feelings of hostility, encouraging youself to get out of your past shadows. Do be grateful, please, with a grateful hea ...
1405 views|11 replies
Shares Ten things making us unhappy!
2010-8-27 08:21
In order to be happy, we must know that there are ten things in our life that we cannot do anything to help it. After learning about them, I think, we will think positively and lighten up a little bit and also take it easy to live a happy life. They are as follows, 1 ...
934 views|22 replies
Shares How to be happy?
2010-8-27 07:56
The reason why we're always tired is that we're frequently having the wandering minds between persistence and surrendering. The reason why we're always worried is that our memory is so good that we keep inmemory what should be remembered and what should be forgotten. &nb ...
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Shares Hungry Ghost Festival
2010-8-23 18:17
Hungry Ghost Festival
zhongyuan Festival, its popular name Hungry Ghost Festival, is also a folk traditional festival, which falls on the 14th or 15th of the seventh lunar month. On this special day, each and every family without exception is making sacrifices to thei ...
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Shares Life is live!!
2010-8-20 09:29
Never forget what we were once provided with, remember to much more be appreciative ofwhat we have got hold of, don't abandon what is remaining with you, and keepwhat you havelostrecollection and remembrance in mind. As the sayings go like these, suffering ...
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Shares Why is it so difficult to live nowadays?
2010-8-20 08:46
Recently I'm greatly astounded atvarious health-damaging news reports on TV. I'm confused very much why it's not so easy to live peacefully and comfortably? Why can we not die al clear as noonday even though we are doomed to die? Men are mortal and death will also befa ...
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