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miss the old friends in Dio. It seems that I hadn't log in Dio for one year hope that you will be more hard work in 2022, fighting!
  • davidjuyong: How about you? I am just so so ! The personal economic condition is not ever well during the pandemic period. (11-4 15:08)
  • 2amlittle: me too~just so so (11-10 11:02)
2022-1-11 00:09 Reply|
Everything turn back to the beginning after Four months.
2016-10-12 13:40 Reply|
I will go to Fuzhou to see Lee Minho on friday, hope that there will not be too croweded,  I can see him clearly         
2016-6-20 21:35 Reply|
Find a new job I believe I can do it.
2016-6-14 05:41 Reply|
hope that eveything will be OK
2016-6-11 18:30 Reply|
to find what you like the first step you need to be strong, fighting little girl
2016-6-1 20:41 Reply|
back from Korea, a very good trip.
2016-5-23 21:30 Reply|
Hungry but I can’t eat anything! Hold on
2016-5-14 20:35 Reply|
No matter what you need to keep a happy mood.
2016-5-14 18:18 Reply|
looking forward to the trip in Korea two weeks later,  Minho oppa I am coming     hope that our paths would cross, maybe I can come across with you.
2016-5-5 09:51 Reply|
miss my father very much.
  • sunnyv: Hmm... can feel your sadness. You are such a filial girl. God bless you dear. Don't be sad. A lot of things are beyond our control. (5-2 23:03)
  • 2amlittle: Thanks (5-4 17:57)
2016-5-2 22:04 Reply|
Don’t blame on god at least on the other hand god creat a chance for you to overcome the problems and strengthen your inner mind no matter what you need to think in this way.
2016-4-30 03:31 Reply|
A little sad but I don’t know why seems so many things to worry.  Everything is not going smoothly. How to do  
2016-4-5 22:10 Reply|
  • lovingfun: Get a rest, and then you will refresh again. (8-19 10:06)
  • 2amlittle: Thanks (9-18 17:22)
2015-8-18 22:31 Reply|
feel regret
2015-6-17 20:22 Reply|
sad,another sleepless night
2015-6-8 03:22 Reply|
everyone will find his/her love
2015-6-7 19:18 Reply|
I miss you
2015-6-6 22:13 Reply|
another sleepless night
2015-6-4 00:01 Reply|
if the road of worshipping stars is full of worry and sadness then I would rather give up.
2015-5-27 11:39 Reply|

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