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  • Live in present when you're afraid of the future! Reply
  • Life is in your hand. If you count on others to live your own life, don't u think that's so ignorant? Reply
  • I suddenly remembered it has been a few months since last time I logged on my blog here. It's like a pal lost contact with his old friend, which he should really feel sorry for! Reply
  • The winner of life never plays the blaming game! Reply
  • Truly madly badly...HOT!! Reply
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Have you ever run into this situation? 2012-04-09
Have you ever run into this situation? You are concentrated on a certain thing when suddenly you stop to think about something in a totally ...
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A self-introduction for exam interview. 2012-04-07
 I wrote this for my friend when she needed it for an interview in the second exam to go to a grad school. I hope this piece of work could ...
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Autumn is my time, my season. Autumn is when I wake up… 2011-09-16
  袅袅兮秋风,洞庭波兮木叶下。。。   Autumn is coming sneakily With a blast of ...
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It's just a perfect day for sleep! 2011-07-29
        It has been suffocatingly humid all these week here in B.J. Willows stop waving, flags stop flaunting and ...
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Back from the Lost Paradise 2011-07-13
I finally came back from that lost paradise for me! It was really where the bitter-sweet life was brought forth! For one thing, the ...
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markselby 2011-8-13 22:46
Evania: Ni,nice to be your friend..
Which one is you, in ur avatar?
haaa..... I am just mark selby's fans..  Cuz i am like snooker....
Teddy126 2011-8-3 20:41
Lalalalalaaaaa~~~Passing by~~~~~
starwang 2011-7-28 20:53
Evania: Thanks,Man! But an attractive apperance doesn't mean anything..And if you wanna pursue any seemingly attractive gal as ur gf, do it before you make su
You're right.
starwang 2011-7-28 20:25
Evania: Thanks,Man! But an attractive apperance doesn't mean anything..And if you wanna pursue any seemingly attractive gal as ur gf, do it before you make su
Teddy126 2011-7-28 07:00
Oh my god~~~E, take a look at the comments~~~
starwang 2011-7-18 22:28
You are attractive, I have been wanting to be these study the English specialized female student, is each one is attractive, recalls the university time, the next door class these English specialized female student gate each one is attractive, what a pity but  no one belong to me. hehe !
Teddy126 2011-7-15 22:06
Better Profile, Better World
Teddy126 2011-7-13 21:39
Evania: Footprints of eva girl...
This is one step for a girl, a giant leap for Evania
Teddy126 2011-7-8 23:32
Long lost zone~~~
Shell-M 2011-3-27 19:09
Evania: Whoa,whoa..sure you have,hehe..glad to meet ya..
ilvtiyu 2011-3-25 23:21
Evania: Ur icon is just so cute!
rachelzhaorui 2011-3-12 21:32
Evania: Thanks,sweetheart..really appreciate your help..Yeah,let's just wait. Wait and Pray..No worry about me, I'm gonna be fine..
Wish you enjoy this warm s
Thank you! God bless you~
rachelzhaorui 2011-3-10 23:06
Evania: Sweetie,thank u for your concern..I guess I'm fine..just a little sad..U know, I've been studying really hard..what if I failed? What the hell should
I know you're experiencing a hard time... But I still want to say "Let's wait". If you need my help, I'll be there~
rachelzhaorui 2011-3-9 22:48
Hi, dear? Are you OK?
touringchina 2011-3-7 13:26
Alo, how is your preparation for the thesis?
Jessfon 2011-2-28 23:48
can you upload some more photos to share ?
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