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Live in present when you're afraid of the future!
2012-4-12 13:29 Reply|
Life is in your hand. If you count on others to live your own life, don't u think that's so ignorant?
2012-4-8 20:02 Reply|
I suddenly remembered it has been a few months since last time I logged on my blog here. It's like a pal lost contact with his old friend, which he should really feel sorry for!
2012-4-7 20:43 Reply|
The winner of life never plays the blaming game!
2011-7-29 19:40 Reply|
Truly madly badly...HOT!!
2011-7-28 19:55 Reply|
Lavish furniture won't win you any esteem but encumbrance!
  • Teddy126: Sexy profiles will definitely win you more eyeballs (7-15 22:11)
2011-7-15 21:37 Reply|
Back from Lost Paradise!
  • Teddy126: Now that it has mini-blog function one can talk instantly without typing out an entire passage (7-15 22:12)
2011-7-13 21:34 Reply|
The real happy person is who can enjoy the scenery when on a detour!
  • Shell-M: so pay you attentions to the beauty you just skim the surface of it (4-12 12:05)
2011-4-12 10:46 Reply|
A happy week starts with a fantastic weather
2011-3-28 12:53 Reply|
Life is meaningful resting with its parting and uniting!
2011-3-26 23:31 Reply|
2011-3-24 16:02 Reply|
What if fate abandoned me, so what?
2011-3-10 16:47 Reply|
Happy Women's Day to all of the women on
2011-3-8 08:45 Reply|
Almost time for goin' back to school!
  • tiffany.zhang: i'm sorry to say that,but could you tell me are you sure this sentense is right.cause i just feel it a little weird. (2-12 11:06)
  • Evania: Ha, thanks for askin'..I'm not one hundred percent sure about that, but...I can not see where the mistake is..I ll tell u if I prove that's wrong indeed. (2-12 19:16)
2011-2-11 22:08 Reply|
Time for thesis writing, seriously!!
  • sedgehead: If you thesis is in English and you write it that well, it will be perfect! (2-8 06:09)
  • Evania: I'm indeed supposed to write it in English but not sure whether I can write it well or not,hehe (2-10 18:59)
  • Evania: I'm indeed supposed to write it in English but not sure whether I can write it well or not,hehe (2-10 18:59)
2011-2-6 22:54 Reply|
Update the year, update the mood~Happy NY to everybody here, haha
2011-2-2 11:18 Reply|
Friends reunion is coming! Bravo!!
2011-1-28 11:47 Reply|
Did you ATW today? Really like this program! Just can't help to recommend it to you guys here. It's a radio program in 91.5, starting from 11am to 13 pm.
  • wallacewu: ,what about this program? (1-26 13:21)
  • Evania: Normally it's just a casual talk between two DJs with a topic focused on everyday. There are three DJs in this program, and their English are awesome, particularly the one named Babe.. Check it out if (1-26 20:24)
  • webfunny: Really like this program, me too. (1-28 08:55)
  • Evania: Haha, great minds share the same interest! (1-28 11:46)
2011-1-26 12:48 Reply|
People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
2011-1-25 11:11 Reply|
Happiness is right there. U don't inch up to it, it will never come over to u.
2011-1-22 17:26 Reply|

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