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Hey, guys, I am back.
2015-4-27 18:42 Reply|
Thanks for your calling
2013-7-1 14:51 Reply|
A great suprise behind a big disappointment.
2013-7-1 14:50 Reply|
Americans regularly fork over $5,000 to fix a crooked smile with braces. But in Japan, women are spending about $400 for just the opposite. On the other side of the planet, imperfect teeth are becomin
2013-2-2 12:15 Reply|
It's nice to make some friends here.
2013-1-29 22:30 Reply|
It's has been almost half a year that I didn't post any articles. I shouldn't slacken my efforts.
  • bigcat: come on,me too. (1-27 20:14)
  • redapple2: Let's get moving! (1-29 22:30)
  • bigcat: ok,keep going (1-30 22:06)
2013-1-26 22:56 Reply|
Be diligent and thrifty!
2013-1-26 22:54 Reply|
Sometimes I just wanna be alone to think about all the things that happened on me. And actually I have to say I am always an unlucky person regarding all the matters. But I don't want to struggle betw
2012-10-24 20:02 Reply|
How are you, guys?
2012-10-11 17:03 Reply|
I'll start again.
2012-9-17 20:44 Reply|
Strive forward!
2012-8-24 21:51 Reply|
Anyone here is Japanese Major?
2012-8-12 21:33 Reply|
Sometimes if you feel stressed out, go out for a walk alone. Think about all the things happen these days, and perhaps you'll know the Way.
2012-7-19 22:38 Reply|
"I finally know I cannot get any compliments from my parents no matter how hard I've tried." Q wrote on her homework.
  • christine12: hello redapple. Don't give up. keep at it . i believe you (7-13 21:52)
  • redapple2: (7-14 20:45)
2012-7-12 21:31 Reply|
life can be beautiful if you keep your eyes on searching for beauty.
2012-7-2 10:12 Reply|
I love the sunlight.
2012-7-2 10:10 Reply|
it's cold.
2012-5-24 21:28 Reply|
Among any three men walking, I will find something to learn for sure. Their good qualities are to be followed, and their shortcomings are to be avoided.
2012-5-7 20:39 Reply|
Why I still cannot get it over? I have no confidence.
  • dimcharm: why not look at the other side of the coin? (4-25 18:31)
  • redapple2: I have no choice. I have to get it over. (4-26 20:37)
2012-4-25 15:58 Reply|
Every Thursday evening I am fairy happy.
2012-4-19 21:36 Reply|

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