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here is a QQ group for you guys to join and practice Englis~ Number is 238266820, Welcome all you guys
2013-5-27 18:32 Reply|
here is a qq238266820
2013-5-27 18:30 Reply|
hey, hey, hey~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`
2013-1-4 21:55 Reply|
hey, hey, hey~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
2013-1-4 21:50 Reply|
feel blue. Is it a post-holiday syndrome?
2012-10-8 19:54 Reply|
chatting with some English lovers online by microphone, fantastic!
2012-10-2 22:18 Reply|
see a friend off and a little sad
2012-10-2 20:35 Reply|
What's with you? Nothing, nothing's with you.
2012-9-20 18:53 Reply|
238266820 is QQ group for English Lovers. Welcome~~~
  • bigcat: oh,really?i will try (9-23 10:31)
  • rjjean: Yeah, it's quite true. Warmly welcome (10-1 20:26)
2012-9-18 15:23 Reply|
I have registered one QQ group for English communication. QQ group number is 238266820. Welcome all you guys join
2012-9-17 18:06 Reply|
2012-9-17 14:22 Reply|
I am really such a lucky girl to have such a wonderful and considerate boyfriend
2012-9-17 14:22 Reply|
Looking forward to National Holiday~~
2012-9-14 18:50 Reply|
Enough sleep makes me energetic! Wonderful ~~~
2012-6-3 20:55 Reply|
Hey guys, i am back! Miss you ~~~
2012-6-2 18:18 Reply|
Merry X'mas, guys! May you have a wonderful day!
2011-12-25 21:08 Reply|
Long time no see, my dear Dioenglish. I'm back.
2011-10-19 12:30 Reply|
“to be or not to be" fills our life...
2011-5-13 09:59 Reply|
Really a long time not coming here. Now a complicated feeling fills me: some guilt and some missing.
2011-4-20 13:43 Reply|
Are we the IPOD generation??
2011-2-24 18:03 Reply|

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