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Yusuf 2013-9-7 15:39
hi ,come to see you~!
loly90 2013-8-11 20:41
Soar: Thanks. How about your weekend? Are you very busy recently? Today i had a day off and went to a park. You know it's very very hot staying at indoors w ...
Good, seemed you had a nice day! Yep, it's so hot these days, there isn't air-conditioner in my room too. Every Sunday i go to visit my friends and i enjoy my Sunday. And yes, i'm a little busy these days, i get many things to study. Wish you happy!    
loly90 2013-8-10 22:57
Dear Soar, is everything going ok? Don't forget to enjoy your weeked! Happy everyday!
loly90 2013-7-30 12:12
Soar: Dear Loly, i miss you now. How are you doing? Does everything go well with you? I have left my hometown for work already. You know my problem has been ...
Dear Soar, so glad to hear from you. I'm ok, thank you, my dear friend. So you had bought a house in your hometown, congratulate you! Yes, we have to work hard, but do take care of yourself, anyway, health comes first! My best wishes to you!
loly90 2013-6-24 22:26
Soar: Dear loly, thanks for your care. I will have my vocation soon. I am going back home. I was really busy and tired these two months. Luckily, i could sa ...
Dear Soar, thank you too. Glad to hear that you are going to have your summer vocation, though life is hard for us, we still need to hold on it. I wish you a happy and light vocation, do what you can do to relax and enjoy yourself. Every person's life is not that good as other saw it. Your last sentence gives me strength again. You are an optimistic person too, cheer! I will be always missing you guys, thank you for bring us good time and nice momeries. Do remember to share us with your beautiful stories after you come back.
loly90 2013-6-24 21:51
Dear Soar, how is everything going?
loly90 2013-5-3 21:45
Soar: wow, you are so sweet. you know the weekend is coming. so I don't have any reason not to be happy. Haha, happy weekends!
   Happy weekend!
loly90 2013-5-3 12:41
Dear buddy, how is everything going?
loly90 2013-4-16 13:18
Catch you here, haha. Have a nice day! Dear soar
dinosaur 2013-3-31 10:52
Soar: Happy Mid-autumn Day!
Sorry for leaving a long time, and thank you for still remember me. It is very nice to hear from you. I have already been back to China. Now I am working on my phd thesis, and will graduate this year. I hope everything well be OK.
I admire you that you still keep on writing. That is fantastic. I should learn from you. Let's learn together and make progress together.
loly90 2013-3-28 12:56
Soar: Dear loly, thanks for your greeting. Everything is fine with me. Just a little busy these days. I am taking a bus to do my past- time job now. I hope
Wooooo, you are so busy! Take care of yourself, my friend! Good luck!
loly90 2013-3-27 13:08
Hi, dear Soar, how is everything going with you?
jiyanyan 2013-3-21 13:37
Soar: Hi,glad to meet you.
,me too .thx to you come in my blog .
jiyanyan 2013-3-21 13:36
Soar: Hi,glad to meet you.
,me too ,thanks to come in my blog .
jiyanyan 2013-2-5 15:45
Soar: Hi,glad to meet you.
welcome to my  home!
loly90 2013-1-20 23:59
I will be home soon, and i come to see you here, i wish you a happy Chinese new year!
loly90 2013-1-9 21:24
Soar: How is everything, loly? I miss you very much. Are you very busy recently?
Hey, Dear Soar, thank you very much, i'm so happy to hear from you. I'm fine, and i'm sorry that i become lazy lately. I should study hard.
沧海一粟 2012-12-23 22:35
Soar: Why don't you share something with us ? Nice to meet you!
Surely I will. Nice to meet you , too.
loly90 2012-12-17 22:25
Soar: my dear loly, i was reciting words just now. You always work late, don't you?
Ya, you are so great! I find my memory is not good as before, maybe i haven't remember these words earnestly. Learn from you, come on!
loly90 2012-12-17 21:22
Dear Soar, what are you doing now? I miss you guys

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