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Just keep doing

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Not a thing is so easy to achieve. Sometimes we have been thinking too much and just do not act a lot. That is the main reason we are stuffing. We feel lame because of the sate of mediocrity is extraordinarily playing the important role in our recognition. We want to be a somebody or make a fortune or do something great. Anyway, what we want is to claim that we are not a nobody.

Quite right, we are different from each other. We are individuals and have own thoughts. Every single person has the ideas of his own. The  colorful world is getting more beautiful as we pursue our dreams and demonstrate the power of that ability to change and improve the surroundings.

A loser is the one who fails to pick up the courage and never feels he could be back again. On the contrary, a hero is the one who can honestly accept his failures and say no to difficulties. 

Do not stop moving. We are on the way as of we were born. Till the last breath in life we can say it is the whole life we have and there are no regrets anymore. The glory twilight then draws the period on our lifetime. Then we can rest in peace.

The meaning of life is like the river which is running forward and getting other rivers together to form a larger one, finally it is in the sea. Then its destiny is finished. But our spirits does not extinguish which are the gifts left for generations to generations.

As long as long heartbeat is there, it never ends.

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Reply lovingfun 2018-10-6 08:18
Indeed, I cannot agree with you more on that. So called "success" in some way is only exist in our mind, in real life,  it is only a lighthouse to guide us where to go. But whether we success or not depends lots of conditions.  Only when we keep doing that we may make our goal!
Reply teadrinking 2018-10-6 10:45
lovingfun: Indeed, I cannot agree with you more on that. So called "success" in some way is only exist in our mind, in real life,  it is only a lightho ...
It is quite a long time I have not met you right here. Thank you for your words. Let's keep doing what we want. Have a good day.

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