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Nice scent

143 views. 2019-9-8 16:45

Wandering on the strret, the scent of osmanthus flowers came into nose. I was struck by that familiar smell of autumn. Yes, the mid-autumn is coming around the coner. At this moment, it is becoming cooler and the more like a perfect time of harvest of farming. Yet, people in cities can not fully enjoy that beautiful naturally. Apart from the scent, the sky is clean and with good quality of air. The peaceful moment exsits in remote countrysides. In the vast space among the remote land, the difference of civilization between the wild and the modernization is obvious to obseve.

When we are working in the office, we do not connect with nature. We are blocked and saved in flows of people and vehicles, and tall buildings too. Even in parks, we can only have a glance of few flowers which are merely cultivated by gardeners. Those trees moved from hills to replant in cities never have that chance going back to the earth.

If you got the holiday to visit somewhere, you are recommended to a place far away from cities. Then you can have yourself relaxed toally. If you tour to somewhere, instead of the pose of a vicotry with hands, you are supposed to walk slowly and have a look around peacefully. To remain calm in the mundane society is not an easy thing, particularly in the current situation full of the pursuit of life struggling. We almost can not spare a piece of time for a drink tea or a talk with friends. We'd rather like choosing to text messages via wechat or place an order from an app.

What are you waiting for? Please, put away your phone and go around.

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